Our Place Launches Mini Versions of Always Pan & Perfect Pot

If you love to cook but hate cleaning up messes, then you’ve probably seen Our Place’s game-changing collection of nonstick cookware, including the Always Pan and Perfect Pot. The question is: Does size matter?

Our Place just launched not one, but two brand-new products: the Mini Always Pan and the Mini Perfect Pot.

our place mini always pan mini perfect pot
Our Place

Just like the original, the mini versions are made with a non-toxic, nonstick ceramic coating that makes cleaning a breeze. Despite their small size, the new additions are large enough to cook a meal—like eggs or veggies—but compact enough to fit in a small cabinet. (The original has a ten-inch diameter, while the mini is 8.5 inches.)

Both the Mini Always Pan and the Mini Perfect Pot come in six different colors, including Spice (dusty pink), Steam (creamy oatmeal), Blue Salt (grey-blue), Char (charcoal), Sage (muted green) and Lavender (pale purple). Customers can buy them separately for $115 and $125, respectively, or they can bundle them for a single payment of $195. (That’s a $45 discount.)

1. Mini Always Pan

our place mini perfect pot
Our Place

2. Mini Perfect Pot

Our Place is a BIPOC-owned company that supports nonprofit organizations who are working to fight hunger (like the Los Angeles Food Policy Council). The products are shipped in biodegradable, recyclable packaging with no virgin plastic or bubble wrap.


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