12 Old-School Irish Recipes Your Grandma Used to Make

If you grew up with an Irish grandma, you were lucky enough to experience the joys of freshly baked soda bread and rich, hearty Guinness stew firsthand. If she didn’t already teach you her secrets, here are 12 old-school Irish recipes for you to recreate the magic.

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1. Grandma’s Irish Soda Bread

This quick bread is the definition of easy baking. Don’t forget to score the top with an x, just like Grandma did.

2. Guinness Beef Stew

If you look up “stick to your ribs” in the dictionary, you’ll find a photo of this hearty stew. And FYI, it’s as easy as tossing your ingredients into a pot and walking away.

3. Shepherd’s Pie

As if a layer of mashed potatoes weren’t enough, the rich filling in this casserole makes it worthy for casual family meals and weekend dinner parties alike.

4. Slow-cooker Corned Beef And Cabbage

The slow-cooker method might not be traditional, but once you get a bite, you’ll understand its genius. (Thanks, Coterie member Heidi Larsen.)

5. Irish Boxty

Soft on the inside and crispy on the outside, these are the potato pancakes of our dreams.

6. Kale Colcannon

She may not be the prettiest dish, but she’s definitely the most comforting (especially with extra butter on the side).

7. Corned Beef Hash

Breakfast doesn’t get better than this. Bonus points for using up any leftovers hiding in your fridge.

8. Baked Fish And Chips

OK, so they’re baked instead of fried, but we don’t think Grandma would disapprove of that. After all, it still tastes amazing.

9. Lamb Stew

Best served with a side of soda bread and a tall Guinness, of course.

10. Irish Scones With Smoked Salmon

The salmon is optional, but the impossibly flaky layers aren’t. Thanks, Coterie member Katie Workman.

irish soda bread pudding recipe
Spoon Fork Bacon

11. Irish Soda Bread Pudding

If soda bread and brioche bread and butter pudding had a very delicious baby, this would be it.

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12. Shortbread Cookies

Would you believe us if we told you there are only three ingredients involved?


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