As an Allergy Kid, I Wish I Had This Nut-Free Granola Butter Growing Up

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I grew up as the allergy kid. Yep, the one that was forced to sit at the peanut-free table like a leper while my friends swapped snacks and secrets during lunch hour. I’m not scarred or jaded (I promise, your kids will be fine), but the irony of it all was that I wasn’t even allergic to peanuts. I was, however, allergic to tree nuts and sesame. So, to the special table I went.

Now, my experience is by no means unique. A report from the Food Allergy Research & Education center estimates that more than 32 million Americans have food allergies, including 5.6 million children under the age of 18. And those allergies can vary from milk and eggs to gluten and soy. Alternative options are on the up and up, including one that claims to be peanut butter's "more interesting, less-nutty cousin." Meet Oat Haus.

“Consider me a customer for life. I’m eating the vanilla granola butter by the spoonful and it makes me so, so, so happy.” – Holy Rice

“Is there more than a five-star option? Holy mother****ing sh**! This ish is AMAZING. Like, bury me with jars of it because it’s so good.” – Charlotte Ebbesen

“Actually speechless. Best thing I’ve ever tasted.” – Justin Gregorio

These are just three of the 1,000-plus five-star reviews you’ll find on the Oat Haus Granola Butter website. Like a new Adele song, people have been fully obsessed with this stuff since its 2018 debut, and with a recent rebrand and appearance on the hit reality show Shark Tank, we have a hunch this is just the beginning.

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Oat Haus

When I first tried Oat Haus, I was truly floored. I had minimal expectations because, really, what even is granola butter, but after a quick stir and sniff, I was hooked. Imagine topping a tall stack of pancakes with your favorite granola and an ooey, gooey stroopwafel. Then throw it in a blender and mix it all up. That’s exactly what the original granola butter tastes like: an edible, spreadable, smooth-yet-crunchy cinnamon delight.

Aside from tasting like a Scooby snack (if you know...), granola butter has defied all odds and is somehow actually healthy. In addition to steering clear of the top 8 allergens, it’s only made with nutrient-rich ingredients, including gluten-free oats, golden flax, maple syrup, coconut oil and olive oil. The founder, Ali Bonar, brought in expert nutritionists to help create a product that could fuel our bodies without weighing them down. As someone who struggled with an eating disorder for over a decade, she created granola butter after embarking on a journey of “self-love and food freedom.”

“Part of that recovery process,” she tells us, “was introducing fear foods back into my diet—and for me, that was nut butters. Unfortunately, my gut wasn't equipped to handle how dense the nut butters were, so I felt digestively taxed and weighed down after eating them. I looked for something nut-free as I worked on healing myself but didn't resonate with anything on the market, so I decided to create my own.” Her Insta-famous granola butter combines protein and fiber with heart-healthy fats (minus any additives or refined sugars), so you can satisfy your sweet tooth without sacrificing your health.

In addition to the original flavor, Oat Haus Granola Butter comes in chocolate, blueberry and vanilla. The brand also releases limited-edition seasonal flavors like strawberry shortcake and pumpkin spice. If you’re not sure what to spread it on, the answer is, well, anything. It's perfect with toast, yogurt, apple slices and smoothies...or unabashedly eaten straight-up by the spoonful (we won't judge).

So, who wants to join me at the peanut-free table? You know what I’ll be bringing...

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