The 100 Most Romantic Restaurants in (Almost) Every State

Love is in the air…or is that cumin?

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Picture this: It’s Saturday night, dinner for two. You made reservations, got dolled up and are heading out to meet a new flame at that local wine bar your coworkers can’t stop raving about. But when you show up, it’s a glorified frat party. Crowded and loud with sticky floors and (somewhat understandably) short-tempered servers. Certainly not the romantic, candlelit dinner you had imagined.

Whether you’re hitting the town for Valentine's Day, a first date or to celebrate a big anniversary, ambiance is everything. And with Yelp’s list of the top 100 most romantic restaurants to try in 2024, you never have to leave it to chance again. To curate this list, the experts at Yelp sifted through tons of user data to identify restaurants with "a large concentration of reviews mentioning words and phrases such as romantic, date night and valentine." With picks spanning the entire country and (almost) every state, they then ranked those spots based on several factors, including "the total volume and ratings of reviews mentioning those keywords."

So go on, make that reservation, slip into something sexy and scootch on over to your forever boo (or new boo) for a romantic dinner you won't soon forget.

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