First, it was unicorn cakes. Then crystal-themed goodies took center stage. Now, the internet has gone crazy for sea-inspired mermaid treats. Think colorful smoothies, ice cream and toast in shimmering shades of green and blue. Make sure to snap photos of these 12 Instagrammable'll get, like, a million new followers.

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Mermaid Meringue Cookies

They're small. Have five.

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Mermaid Toast

Because breakfast should always be magical.

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No-Churn Mermaid Ice Cream

No machine? No problem.

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Mermaid Colada

Are you really living your best life if you’re not sipping these by the pool?

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White Chocolate Bark

It’s easy to get lost in these colorful swirls of chocolate.

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Mermaid Popsicles

Let the summer pool parties begin.

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Mermaid Rice Krispies Treats

Store-bought ingredients make this dessert a breeze.

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Rainbow Green Smoothie Bowls

Transform breakfast into a dreamy work of art.

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Mermaid Munch Snack

This calls for a movie night.

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Mermaid Ice Cream Dream Shake

Fact: Sprinkles make everything more fun.

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Magic Cellophane Noodle Bowls

We’re never eating boring spaghetti and meatballs again.

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Creamy Coconut Spirulina Superfood Smoothie

Just tell the kids its a mermaid milkshake.

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