First, unicorn cakes were everywhere. Then succulent sweets took center stage. Now galaxy treats are invading our Instagram feeds—and they’re gorgeous, so we’re definitely not mad about it. Here are 14 starry make-at-home desserts that are…out of this world. (Sorry.)

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Galaxy Cupcakes

Drop the mic at the next bake-off.

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Marbled Doughnuts

Straight magic in your mouth.

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Mirror Glaze Galaxy Cake

Psst: The glaze is easier than it looks.

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Galaxy Ice Cream Sandwiches

And just like that, you won the “Best Mom of the Year” award.

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Black Velvet Nebula Cake

Red velvet is overrated.

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Blue Galaxy Smoothie Bowl

An intergalactic breakfast.

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Galaxy Mousse Cakes

Your little astronauts will be dazzled.

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Galaxy Cake Roll

Eat your heart out, Little Debbie.

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Mirror-Glazed Moon Pies

A new, modern look for this 100-year-old dessert.

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Zodiac Constellation Cake

Put those middle school art skills to work.

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Galaxy Cookies

They’ll be the stars of the party.

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The Galaxy Magic Mule

IDs, please.

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