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Finally, Michelin-Starred Meals for Toddlers Are a Thing

In NYC, it’s not unusual to see a baby checking out the new Degas exhibit at MoMA or sampling Compost cookies at Milk Bar. But a bunch of kids running around at a Michelin-starred restaurant? Totally unheard of...until now. A new dining group is finally making it possible for toddlers to eat at high-end restaurants together. (Oh, and their parents can come, too.)

Nibble + Squeak, created by Melissa Elders, hosts group lunches in upscale NYC restaurants (think Delaware and Hudson, Upland, Luksus and the Clocktower) that are totally kid friendly--just because you’re lugging a 20-pound mini human around doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some fine dining. And to make things enjoyable for foodie parents, everything’s coordinated in advance to provide ample stroller parking, high chairs galore and changing stations, transforming the dining room into a kid-friendly, childproof zone. 

But what about the poor diners who aren’t under the age of three? Luckily, the lunch takes place in a private room (and in some cases, the entire restaurant is bought out) to avoid disturbing patrons who aren’t cool with their fellow diners flinging caviar at the ceiling.

Best of all, little Stuyvesant can finally try her first bite of green garlic crème fraîche with 20 of her adventurous toddler friends. Black sea bass and parsnip puree for all!

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