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Ready to try a diet that actually seems…doable? Meet the Pegan diet, a modification of the Paleo diet created by Dr. Mark Hyman. It’s similar to the Mediterranean diet—eat lots of plant-based foods and avoid grains—but the occasional meat dish (and alcohol!) is totally cool. And the best news: If you use your instant pot, eating healthy has never been easier.

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Easy Butternut Squash Soup

A trusty standby we never get sick of.

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Snappy Instant Pot Lentil Gumbo

One glorious food coma, coming right up.

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Instant Pot Garlic Butter Brussels Sprouts

Heck. Yes.

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Instant Pot Chipotle Honey Chicken Tacos

Since you’re allowed the occasional meat dish, splurge on these tasty tacos. (Thanks, Coterie member Jesse Reilly.) Bonus points if the chicken is organic.

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Instant Pot Butternut Squash

Adding this to our rotation, courtesy of Coterie member Heidi Larsen.

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Spiralized Vegetable Soup

Done in ten minutes (really).

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The Best Instant Pot Vegan Pho Recipe

See ya later, takeout.

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Clean-Eating Instant Pot Marinara

Amazing on zoodles. And squoodles. And coodles.

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Easy Thai Curry Hot Pot

Did you know that your Instant Pot can double as a hot pot?

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Instant Pot Pumpkin Walnut Chili

Not just for fall.

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Instant Pot Chicken and ‘Rice’ Soup

Bookmark for a rainy (or snowy) day.

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Instant Pot Steamed Artichokes

Welp, this dish couldn’t be easier.

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Instant Pot Spaghetti Squash

Pick a sauce, any sauce.

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Instant Pot Miso Red Bean Stew

Making all of our dinner dreams come true.

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