Our 3 Favorite Recipes from Ina Garten’s New Cookbook, ‘Modern Comfort Food’

Every two years, something magical happens. (Nope, we don’t mean an election—but you’re voting next week, right?) Ina “Barefoot Contessa” Garten publishes a new cookbook. This year, Modern Comfort Food arrived on shelves with impeccable timing, offering itself as a soothing balm to a brutal year. Because we love both you and Ina dearly, we’re sharing our three favorite recipes from her new cookbook. Consider this your siren call to the kitchen.

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1. Ina Garten’s Black And White Cookies

Ms. “Store-bought is Fine” is a New Yorker—she was born and raised in Brooklyn. So it makes sense that she’s loyal to that quintessentially NYC treat, the black and white cookie. (They’re also known as half-moon cookies in Central New York, FYI.) Garten’s version yields tender and cakey cookies, and she claims, “These are my favorite black and white cookies ever!” They might be our favorite too.

2. Ina Garten’s Roasted Broccolini And Cheddar

Nostalgia runs deep throughout Modern Comfort Food, like with this easy side dish—Garten’s classy take on the combination of broccoli and cheese sauce. “In the 1950s, cooks used to hide frozen vegetables under some mystery ‘cheese’ sauce,” the Contessa writes. She calls for broccolini, which is sweeter and more tender than broccoli, and, instead of making a sauce, melts “good” sharp Cheddar on top.

3. Ina Garten’s Tuscan Turkey Roulade

Only the Barefoot Contessa could take something relatively mundane—turkey breast—and transform it into an exciting meal that’s worthy of both holidays and regular ol’ Sundays. Seriously, you could make this recipe for an occasion, but it’s easy enough (not to mention make-ahead friendly) to whip up as a weekend comfort meal—something we all need these days.


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