Ina Garten Is Gifting Us with a Memoir—Here’s What You Need to Know (Including When It Comes Out)

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Good news, or best news ever? Ina Garten is writing a memoir.

The 71-year-old culinary queen, prolific cookbook author and Barefoot Contessa announced on October 2 that a memoir of her life is in the works and, yeah, we’ve already made plans to preorder it.

Garten’s fanbase has been following her since she first uttered the words “How easy is that?” on the Food Network in 2002, but the most devoted Gartenites know that she wasn’t always a kitchen icon. Garten actually started her career as a budget analyst in the White House for the Carter administration—before realizing politics weren’t her calling, buying a specialty foods store in East Hampton, New York, in 1978 and eventually writing her first of 11 cookbooks in 1999. And like Jeffrey’s favorite roast chicken, the rest is history.

Few details about the book have been released, other than that it has been acquired by Celadon Books (a division of Macmillan Publishers) and will be published sometime in 2023. If four years sounds like a long time to wait for that juicy Ina Garten goss, you’ll at least have another cookbook coming in 2020 (as well as 2023) to fill the void.

Garten said in a statement, “By finding a way to do what I love for a living—cooking—I’ve been fortunate to build a career that has not only been incredibly rewarding but has brought people together through the power of home cooking. I hope my book will inspire readers to find their own unique story.” We love.

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