9 Surprising Things You Can Freeze in Ice Cube Trays

Freeze now, use whenever

"Grab and go" is kind of our M.O. That’s why we’re stocking up on ice cube trays, because there’s so much more besides water that we want to save for later. Here are nine surprising things you can freeze now and defrost as needed. And yes, it just changed your life.

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Wine Cubes

For those moments when your marinara sauce calls for wine, but you just drank the last drop of Merlot. Instead of running to the store, just open up your freezer and throw one of these guys right into the pot. Pure genius.


Milk And Cookies Cubes

Craving something sweet? Freeze crushed Oreo cookies with a splash of milk and drop one in your coffee. Or enjoy it late night as a frozen treat…or two.

Herb Cubes

Once again, you bought way too much parsley. Instead of tossing it, or any herb--rosemary, basil, sage--put them in an ice cube tray with olive oil. Then add to roasted potatoes, soups or wherever your appetite desires.

Barefoot Wine

Aloe Cubes

Sunburns are painful, but trust us: Nothing soothes quite like aloe on ice.

Lemon Cubes

All you have to do is freeze the juice and then add it to salad dressing (or an Arnold Palmer) as needed.

Fruit Cubes

Done buying pre-packaged frozen fruit for your smoothies? Easy. Purée fresh fruit--everything from mangos to strawberries--then pour into ice trays and freeze until you’re ready to blend.

Pesto Cubes

Because it’s just the thing your turkey sandwich needs.

Garlic Cubes

Mmmm….garlic. Roast it up. Scoop out the cloves and pop them into a tray. Next time you’re craving, say, roasted garlic and Gruyère fondue, you’ve got it at your fingertips, ready to go.

Egg White Cubes

You already did all the separating. Now it’s time to get your quiche on (just be sure to cover these cubes with a lid or Saran wrap in the freezer).

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