How to Hold Chopsticks (So You Don’t Look Totally Clueless)

Chopsticks are probably one of the most versatile utensils ever. Think of them like a fork, knife and pair of tongs all wrapped up into one. You can pretty much use them to eat anything, sushi, ramen, rice, dumplings and veggies to name a few. But, if you’re over the age of 12 and still eating sushi with a fork, listen up (yes, you know who you are). It’s time to finally master the art of chopsticks once and for all. And we’re here to help. Watch the video above and follow these four steps on how to hold chopsticks. You’ve got this. 

How to Hold Chopsticks:

1. Start With One Chopstick

Rest the first chopstick on the base of your thumb while holding it between your middle and ring fingers.

2. Add A Second Chopstick

Take the second chopstick and hold it like a pencil, about one-third of the way from its top. It should feel somewhat comfortable. Something to note is that this second chopstick should be pointing the same way as the first chopstick. 

3. Master The Movement

Finally, move the upper chopstick with your thumb, index and middle fingers simultaneously. When grabbing food, make sure it’s between the lower and upper chopsticks. They key is that the bottom chopstick remains still while only the upper chopstick moves.

4. Get Ready To Grab

Pick up everything (rice, vegetables and even gummi bears), and never look back.  

Of course, we have to recommend that you practice practice practice. In no time you’ll be using them like a pro. Sushi for dinner tonight, anyone? 

Additional Reporting by Abby Hepworth and Alexandra Hough

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