The Kind of Miraculous Way to Scramble Eggs Better
Robyn Mackenzie/Getty Images

There’s nothing quite like a plate of fluffy, silky scrambled eggs. (Seriously, breakfast goals.) But when we make them at home, the texture is never quite fluffy or silky enough. So what is the secret?

Well, it's actually quite surprising. In lieu of a spatula or wooden spoon, use chopsticks to scramble eggs.

Hear us out: Using chopsticks to make tiny circles breaks the eggs into small, fine curds as they cook. This changes the texture for the better. (Hey, star chefs like David Chang swear by it.) They’re also the perfect material to use on a nonstick pan. And if you need to add a little something to coat the pan, use olive oil instead of butter.

Voilà—delicious, fluffy eggs for all.

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