The Best ‘Healthy' Ice Creams to Get You Excited for Summer

Like most sane humans, we love ice cream. But we have to admit we were a bit skeptical when we started hearing about all of the super low-calorie, "healthy" ice creams on the market. But then, we tried them. While we don't recommend downing pints of these like they're filled with green juice, as a less guilt-inducing alternative to classic frozen treats, these six are surprisingly delicious. 

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Halo Top

The O.G. of better-for-you ice cream, Halo Top's pints range from 280 to 360 calories. But where it really shines is in variety of flavors. There are a whopping 39 dairy and non-dairy options to choose from. (Though we're partial to Peanut Butter Cup and Blueberry Crumble.)


Enlightened does sell pints of its lower-cal ice cream, but we prefer the brand's ice cream bars, which come in 11 flavors (from Cold Brew Coffee Chip to Frozen Hot Cocoa) and clock in at 70 to 100 calories each. 


OK, so Yasso is technically frozen Greek yogurt, but based on how creamy and delicious it is, you totally could've fooled us. Like Enlightened, Yasso comes in pints (100 to 150 calories) and bars (80 to 100 calories), depending on your mood. 

Breyers Delights Mini Cups

We've loved Breyers regular ice cream, like, forever. So imagine how psyched we were to hear about the brand's Delights line of lower-calorie treats. Full-size pints range from 270 to 330 calories and come in seven flavors, while the adorably small mini Delights come in chocolate and vanilla cupcake and will only set you back 70 and 80 calories, respectively. 


Wink's plant-based pints are sugar- and dairy-free, instead using organic stevia and monkfruit for sweetness. The pints come in 11 flavors (including salted caramel and strawberry cheesecake) and are 100 calories each, meaning that in addition to sugar and dairy, they're also pretty guilt-free too. 

My/mo Mochi Ice Cream

If you find a plain old pint a little boring, consider My/Mo's mochi ice cream, which is ice cream wrapped in a sweet, soft dough. These little balls of happiness come in eight mouthwatering flavors and have just 110 calories per serving. We'll take one Green Tea, please.   

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