Halo Top's Newest Flavor Tastes Like Blueberry Pie and We're Not Sprinting to the Grocery Store, You Are

Is there anything better than tucking into a warm slice of blueberry pie?


Tucking into a slice of blueberry pie that comes in the form of ice cream

Luckily, Halo Top gets it, having just announced its newest flavor, Blueberry Crumble, which apparently tastes exactly like a fresh slice of sweet, crunchy goodness. 

With blueberry swirls, flaky pieces of pie crust and real-life blueberries, the flavor is basically summer in a bowl (or on a cone) and clocks in at a very manageable 360 calories per pint. 

According to an Instagram announcement, the flavor will be rolling out in stores over the next couple of weeks, so until then we'll just be sitting here salivating and counting down the days. 

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