14 Guilt-Free Burger Recipes That Won't Ruin Your Diet

It's burger season, people

You want to take advantage of prime grilling season, but you’d rather skip the high calorie count that comes along with a big, fatty burger. (Also, you’re not that into red meat, if you’re being honest.) Here, 14 healthy alternatives that’ll look just as good--if not better--on your Memorial Day plate.

Roasted Cauliflower Sliders

Cauliflower is our favorite substitute for red meat. Add to that a layer of hummus and Greek yogurt and you’ve got yourself a damn satisfying dinner.

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Southwestern Turkey Burgers With Guacamole And Spicy Aioli

Lean protein, healthy fats and just a tiny spread of spicy aioli.

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Asian Salmon Burgers

You need more omega-3 fatty acids in your diet. Here, have this burger.

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Chickpea Burgers

Essentially a falafel patty that’s been baked and not fried.

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Grilled Thai Spice Chicken Sliders

Seasoned with fish sauce, chile paste and lime, these chicken sliders are anything but boring.

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Pesto Portobello Burgers

One meaty-textured portobello mushroom patty has about 30 calories. Compare that to your average hamburger patty, which contains 230.

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Rosemary-lemon Turkey Burgers With Brie, Raspberry Jam And Arugula

A lean turkey patty and a heaping pile of arugula definitely cancel out the decadent slice of creamy Brie. (Right?)

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Shrimp Burgers With Chipotle Cream And Coconut Peach Salsa

Shrimp burgers are sort of our new obsession. And a schmear of chipotle spread and light sour cream takes it to the next level.

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Caprese Chicken Burgers

Lose the bun and you’re basically eating a salad.

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Black Bean Burgers

Beans, beans, they’re good for your heart.

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Beet, Brown Rice And Chickpea Burgers With Tahini

Could be the most colorful burger we’ve ever seen. The tahini--a creamy spread made from sesame seeds--gives this guy a jolt of flavor.

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voracious veggie

Lentil And Mushroom Burgers

A mushroom base packed with rolled oats, sunflower seeds and lentils provides all the texture and flavor of a meat burger without the calories.

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Scaling Back

Ahi Tuna Burgers With Slaw And Sriracha Mayo

Ahi tuna is low in calories but high in vitamins and minerals. Make it without the Sriracha for an even healthier approach.

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Sweet Potato And Chickpea Burgers With Tahini Yogurt

Hi, protein! Hi, fiber!

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