Gen Z Hates This Popular Condiment (That Millennials Can't Get Enough Of)

The generational divide between millennials and Gen Z continues to widen. And while these two groups agree every once in a while (they both agree The Office is the best TV show ever!) oftentimes they are on completely separate pages. From fashion trends to beauty trends, these two generations just can’t see eye to eye, with Gen Z saying “Ew! That’s cheugy,” to something the average millennial would describe as “So lit!” And it seems that things just got even more polarizing, according to a study by Instacart that found that the differences even apply to condiments…

So, what’s the one condiment that Gen Z loathes but millennials absolutely love?

According to Instacart, the polarizing culprit is mustard. Apparently, 37 percent of folks between the ages 18 to 24 revealed they absolutely hate mustard with a passion. Their top choice for a hot dog condiment was presumably ketchup, which beat out every other sauce, making up 52 percent of all condiment sales on the grocery delivery app. Still, even without the generational divide, mustard seems to be a fairly controversial condiment. The study found that cities like New York City, Boston and San Francisco seem to have a fancier palette, opting for savory dijon, while the rest of America keeps it cool and classic with good ol’ yellow mustard.

But it’s not just Gen Z who are finicky about their condiments, says Instacart. Millennials also turned out to be quite picky when it came to the sauces they’d pair with their hot dogs. The study found that 28 percent of those in the 25 to 40 age range would be A-OK if they never had to put relish on their food ever again. And while they were firmly against the use of relish, it turned out that this quirky generation wouldn’t mind pairing their French fries with mayonnaise, as 36 percent of respondents admitted they’d be down to dip their fries in some mayo. (This is also the generation that made the sushi burrito a thing, so no surprises there.)

4 Delicious Recipes to Make That Use Mustard

We may never be able to convince Gen Z that mustard is a worthwhile condiment, but we can certainly try. Check out these four yummy recipes that use mustard and let your taste buds do the judging.

gen z millennial condiment divide honey mustard chicken bake
Skinnytaste One and Done

1. Honey Mustard Chicken Bake

If you’re in the mood for a savory and sweet chicken dinner, try this bake by Gina Homolka. The best part is, it’ll be ready in an hour.

gen z millennial condiment divide maple syrup and mustard brussels sprouts
Ellen Silverman/Everyday Dorie

2. Dorie Greenspan’s Maple Syrup And Mustard Brussels Sprouts

For those who are trying to get their tots to gobble up their veggies, try this ultra-delish take on Brussels sprouts. Fingers crossed you get a request for seconds.

gen z millennial condiment divide honey mustard sheet pan salmon
Aubrie Pick/Eat What You Love

3. Honey-mustard Sheet Pan Salmon

The recipe calls for course-grain mustard, which we promise will only enhance the flavor.

gen z millennial condiment divide honey mustard sheet pan chicken with brussels sprouts
Colin Price/Two Peas & Their Pod Cookbook

4. Honey Mustard Sheet-pan Chicken With Brussels Sprouts

Fast, easy and finger-licking good, Maria Lichty’s honey mustard sheet-pan chicken with Brussels sprouts makes for a dinner so delectably savory, even mustard skeptics will reconsider.

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