10 Non-Boring Work Lunches You Can Make for Less Than $3 a Serving

It happens every week: You want to eat out less and pack your lunch every day. If you follow through, you could be $50 richer. Here, ten recipes that cost next to nothing but don’t sacrifice flavor or fun. They’re also a breeze to make, so win-win.

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Greek Lemon Chicken Skewers With Tzatziki Sauce ($2.90 A Serving)

Can’t swing a trip to Santorini this summer? This recipe will save you a plane ticket and then some.

Mini Spanish Tortilla With Zucchini ($2.70 A Serving)

Delicious hot or cold—just slice it into big wedges and you’re ready to eat. Hot sauce: optional.

Zoodle Stir-fry ($2.50 A Serving)

Here, the holy grail of lunches: inexpensive and ready in just 30 minutes.

Cacio E Pepe Pasta ($1.50 A Serving)

Six ingredients, 20 minutes from start to finish…for practically zero dollars.

Kale Salad With Crispy Chickpeas ($2.40 A Serving)

Sometimes we’re in the mood for a simple salad that’s packed with protein but still feels light. And on those days, this salad is perfection.

Pasta Alla Norma ($2.50 A Serving)

Spice up this hearty eggplant dish with canned crushed tomatoes, red pepper flakes and dried oregano.

Cold Sesame Cucumber Noodles ($2.10 A Serving)

Shh—this recipe starts with store-bought marinated tofu, so you don’t have to do any cooking.