We Recreated Meghan Markle’s Cozy Cocktail and ‘It Tastes Like a Cinnamon Sugar Cookie’

Fellow Royal Lovers: What if we told you Meghan Markle had a delicious, cozy cocktail recipe and we could show you how to make it?

Remember the personal lifestyle blog she used to have back in the day? Well, if your memory is a little foggy, we’ll give you a quick refresher. Before Markle became a royal duchess, she used to run a blog online called The Tig, where she would give helpful tips and advice when it came to beauty, health and so much more. This also included a very specific cocktail recipe.

On this week’s episode of PureWow’s new Youtube series, Celeb Bites, Juliette put her cocktail-making skills to the test and crafted the Duchess of Sussex’s sweet drink that’s ideal for the fall season.

Upon taking her first sip, Julia was instantly reminded of a delicious sugary treat. “It tastes like a cinnamon sugar cookie, that’s literally what it tastes like. I recommend dipping a cookie in here because it’s very milky.”

“I love a sweet cocktail. It makes me feel cozy [and] warm. Such a good cocktail for the fall,” she said, before jokingly adding, “This drink is dangerous because I literally can not taste the alcohol at all.” (Definitely proceed with caution.)

Want to learn more about Julia’s thoughts on Markle’s cozy cocktail? Check out the video above to see the final rating and whether or not it’s really worth the hype.

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