Bella Hadid’s 19-Ingredient Sandwich Recipe Is Going Viral, So We Put It to the Test

Bella Hadid recently broke the internet when she posted a 19-ingredient sandwich recipe on TikTok. The question is: How does it taste?

On the latest episode of Celeb Bites, PureWow Creator Juliette tried Hadid’s viral recipe to determine whether it lives up to expectations. Not only did Juliette give viewers a how-to tutorial, but she also rated the sandwich based on 1) taste, 2) originality and 3) ability to hike after eating it. You know, the important stuff.

In the episode (see above), Juliette explains the recipe went viral after Hadid posted it on TikTok. The video features the model hiking to a summit to make the sandwich. And yes, she lugs all 19 ingredients—including meats, condiments and spices—with her.

Watch the full episode above to hear Juliette’s full review and keep reading for a glimpse of what’s included:

  1. Bread
  2. Turkey
  3. Salami
  4. Provolone
  5. Lettuce
  6. Tomato
  7. Onion
  8. Olive oil
  9. Balsamic Vinegar
  10. Salt
  11. Pepper
  12. Oregano
  13. Dried basil
  14. Chili flakes
  15. Mayonnaise
  16. Dijon mustard
  17. Fresh lemon
  18. Red wine vinegar
  19. Pepperoncini


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