16 Baked Cod Recipes to Add to Your Dinner Rotation

Cod might not be a fish you think about all that often, but you should. Not only is the white fish a blank canvas that soaks up all sorts of tasty marinades, but it’s full of healthy protein, omega-3 fatty acids and tons of vitamins. The one way to make it even better for you? Bake it—don’t fry it. Here are 16 recipes to try.

Having Cod For Dinner? Here are 31 Side Dishes to Try

Bacon-wrapped Black Cod With Spinach And Capers

Wrapping the fish in bacon not only adds “yum” factor but also keeps the cod moist and flaky.

Broiled Miso Cod With Vegetables

Impress your guests with this light and easy entrée. Oh, and the secret’s in the prep: You only need one baking sheet. (Thanks for the tip, Heidi Larsen.)

Spring Parchment Baked Lemon Fennel Cod

Worried you’ll overcook the fish? Wrap it in parchment paper and cooking seafood becomes foolproof.

Smoky Paprika Fish Tacos With Apple Slaw

While most restaurant fish tacos are fried in oil, you can easily whip up this lighter, baked twist at home. (Don’t skimp on the tangy slaw. Or the avocado.)

Slow-roasted Cod With Brown Sugar Pineapple Glazed Acorn Squash

Get to know sambal oelek, an Indonesian chili paste that you can pick up in most international grocery stores (or online). It adds to the complexity of the dish and gives the cod a “wow” factor.

Totally Baked Fish And Chips

Fact: The British classic doesn’t have to be fried to be incredible. Thanks to a generous coating of panko bread crumbs, these oven-baked strips crisp up just like they were cooked in oil.

Cod With Simplest Fresh Herb Sauce

Katie Workman has created an easy and nutritious weeknight meal that we can’t wait to add to our regular rotation. Toss in any herbs you want, steam any veggie you’d like on the side and voilà, dinner is done.

Roasted Cod With Olives, Capers And Lemon

Capers and olives add a welcome briny taste to the flaky white fish, and lemon juice gives it a tangy kick.

Garlic Herb Oven Baked Cod Cakes

These versatile cod cakes are tasty appetizers with marinara sauce, fantastic toppings for a summer salad or a low-carb snack to eat on the go.

cod en papillote with potatoes asparagus and scallion pistou
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Cod En Papillote With Potatoes, Asparagus And Scallion Pistou

It’s French, so this recipe must be impossible and take three hours, right? Lucky for you (and your dinner guests), nope and nope.

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Sheet-pan Cod With Vegetables In Lemon Herb Sauce

Combine garlic, parsley, cilantro, dill, scallion and lemon to create an epic herb sauce we want to drizzle on every meal for the rest of our lives.

Baked Fish And Chips

Doused in buttermilk, bread crumbs and Old Bay, these guys can totally hold their own at a fish fry.

Miso Marinated Black Cod

Coterie member Gaby Dalkin presents her own version of the famed miso black cod at Nobu. And believe it or not ,you need only six ingredients to pull it off.

Clean-eating Walnut Crusted Cod Recipe

Swap crushed walnuts in for bread crumbs to make this crusted cod dish so much healthier.

Roasted Lemon Cod With White Sweet Potato Noodles And Garlic Broccolini

Switch up the standard lemon cod by tossing it over white sweet potato noodles and garlic broccolini.

Baked Cod With Asparagus, Fennel And Leeks

This low-carb dish is done in just 12 minutes. (Plus, a side of crispy asparagus? Sign us up.)

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