17 Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas, from Comfy Leggings to Sleek Suits and Plenty of Cozy Knits

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Just because Thanksgiving comes around every single year doesn’t mean it’s any easier to pick out an outfit that’s just right for the holiday. For one, dressing up for a not-quite-midday meal can be tricky (especially if you get thrown on kitchen or serving duty), and for another, comfort should be key when eating and hanging out is the main goal of the day. Here are 17 Thanksgiving outfit ideas so you can look cute and feel comfy while tucking into a second or third slice of pumpkin pie.

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plaid suit thanksgiving outfit ideas
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1. Plaid Suit + T-Shirt

‘Tis the season for all things plaid, so why not go all out with a coordinating set? Tone down the office vibes by pairing your suit with a simple T-shirt and either boots or sneakers, or add some standout jewelry to make the whole thing feel that much more festive.

button up and jeans thanksgiving outfit ideas
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2. Button-Up Blouse + Jeans + Loafers

This classic combination can be made to work for almost any event on your calendar, from holiday drinks with your coworkers to dinner with the in-laws. The key to dressing up a simple button-up blouse and denim is all in the accessories. Swap pearl studs for gold hoops, layer on the necklaces and don’t forget to add a belt. If you want to go even dressier, swap those comfy loafers for a pair of pointy-toe heels.

leggings and blazer thanksgiving outfit ideas
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3. Blazer + Leggings + Knee-High Boots

There are few fashion movements we are more grateful for than the acceptance of leggings as pants. Knee-high boots and a tailored blazer help elevate our beloved leggings from athleisure wardrobe staple to something far more chic. You also don’t have to keep everything in one color range—a plaid or red blazer will look every bit as fabulous as black on black.

sweater vest thanksgiving outfit ideas
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4. Sweater Vest + Jeans

Put a trendy twist on the classic “sweater with jeans” combo by opting for a sweater vest instead. Vests just feel a bit fresher than your average wool turtleneck, and are less likely to swallow your figure whole than an oversize fisherman’s knit. Pair them with jeans in any silhouette you like, but if you do plan to rock skinny jeans we suggest opting for a looser sweater to maintain balanced proportions throughout.

argyle sweater thanksgiving outfit ideas
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5. Argyle Sweater + Slip Skirt

 Argyle knits are inherently preppy, but when paired with a silky slip skirt, they feel more posh (quiet luxury, anyone?) and less Rory Gilmore (no offense, Alexis Bledel). Finish the look with some pointy-toe flats or kitten heels and a sleek mini handbag.

midi skirt thanksgiving outfit ideas
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6. Button-Up Blouse + Midi Skirt

We’d wear this power duo to just about any event—it’s just so flattering and chic. Plus, you can use fabric choices and accessories to make it feel dressier or more casual, depending on what the vibe of your Thanksgiving dinner may be. Silk, lace or even sequins paired with heels or Mary Janes makes for an elegant evening ensemble, while cotton or wool worn with cute retro sneakers or Chelsea boots will be ideal for sipping on apple cider on the porch.

fall patterns thanksgiving outfit ideas
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7. Mixed Autumnal Prints + Neutral Basics

Mixing two different prints or patterns into your outfit is a super simple way to make even the most basic pieces feel festive. For Thanksgiving, we say lean into all the autumnal vibes with two fall classics—plaid checks and moody florals—in corresponding hues. Keep everything else neutral to really allow those bold patterns to shine.

sweater dress thanksgiving outfit ideas
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8. Sweater Dress + Boots

Few items of clothing are comfier than the sweater dress, making it an ideal option for a day when things can sometimes get a little uncomfortable (either because you overdid it on the mashed potatoes or because Uncle Jerry can’t stop bringing up politics). But a sleek and easy knit dress both looks fabulous and feels like a gentle hug, all day long. Whether you opt for an oversize sweatshirt or a fitted midi dress, a pair of heeled boots is a universally great shoe choice.

cropped jacket thanksgiving outfit ideas
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9. Cropped Jacket + Jeans + Flats

There’s something about this combo that feels so French, and therefore oh-so stylish. Perhaps it’s the Chanel-inspired cropped jacket, or the cap-toe ballet flats, but either way we’re excited to mix this outfit formula into our regular fall/winter rotation. P.S. If you plan to wear your jacket open, rather than buttoned up like a top, try to keep your shirt nice and simple. A plain white tee, silk cami or sleek bodysuit is all you need.

mini skirt thanksgiving outfit ideas
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10. Mini Skirt + Knee-High Boots

To ensure this chic combination looks grown-up and elegant (rather than looking like you’re headed to grade school or the club), opt for a skirt that has some structure to it and that doesn’t hug your curves too tightly. Pair it with a polo collar sweater or blazer and stick with boots that hit just below the knee, as opposed to over it.

oversize sweater thanksgiving outfit ideas
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11. Oversize Sweater + Midi Skirt + Sneakers

Comfortable, casual and surprisingly stylish, this outfit formula is perfect for a day centered around eating and hanging out. To avoid looking bogged down by too much fabric, opt for a lighter weight sweater in a light color and a skirt that has some movement to it (also in a lighter weight material). As for shoes, minimalist retro designs will serve you better than super-chunky dad sneakers in this instance.

leather pants thanksgiving outfit ideas
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12. Oversize Sweater + Leather Pants

Whether you prefer classic neutrals like black or brown, or bold color statements like cherry red, a pair of leather pants is an incredibly versatile wardrobe staple we simply can’t recommend enough. Because the material itself feel inherently dressy, these pants help make even a cozy sweatshirt and sneakers feel fancy enough for Thanksgiving dinner.

floral maxi dress thanksgiving outfit ideas
Edward Berthelot/Getty Images

13. Floral Maxi Dress

We love a good “one and done” outfit, especially if you’ve got a day jam-packed with events and activities. A moody floral maxi is perfect for fall and winter get togethers because it feels seasonally appropriate without being too tied to any one holiday. Choose whatever shoes are most comfortable, be it boots, ballet flats or kitten heels, and keep your jewelry to a minimum to really allow your dress to steal the spotlight.

rugby shirt thanksgiving outfit ideas
Raimonda Kulikauskiene/Getty Images

14. Rugby Shirt + Midi Skirt

If your family tends to have a “football all day” kind of Thanksgiving, lean into those sporty vibes without going too literal with a trendy rugby shirt. Black leggings or track pants will have you ready to hop into a backyard game at a moment’s notice (while still looking mighty chic), while a pencil skirt or tailored trouser lends more of a fashion vibe so you can cheer from the sidelines in style.

pumpkin spice orange thanksgiving outfit ideas
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15. Anything Pumpkin Spice Orange

Pumpkin spice isn’t just for lattes and pies, folks. This deep orange hue is also incredibly flattering on just about every skin tone, making it a fabulous pick for fall celebrations. If you’d rather sport just a small pop of orange, we suggest pairing the rich hue with warm neutral tones—beige, brown, winter white—to allow it to really pop.

patterned midi skirt thanksgiving outfit ideas
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16. Stand-Out Skirt + Neutral Knits

Speaking of wardrobe pops, holidays are the ideal time to break out your kookiest, brightest, most attention-grabbing pieces. So pull out that multi-colored skirt from the back of your closet and have some fun styling it with neutral basics in coordinating hues. Then prepare yourself for the compliments to start rolling in.

sweater and trousers thanksgiving outfit ideas
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17. Cozy Sweater + Wide-Leg Trousers

Another pairing of dressy and cozy, this no-fail duo is a classic go-to. If you want to lean into the quiet luxury trend, try a vaguely monochrome look featuring rich neutrals like beige, cream pale gray or caramel brown. Or, if you prefer something a bit more festive, choose brighter colors you can mix and match for a cheery colorblock effect.

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