8 Pairs of Super High-Waisted Jeans That Will Actually Fit Your Long Torso

I don’t trust the phrase “high rise.” Don’t get me wrong, a pair of waist-cinching, vintage-inspired jeans is my idea of denim nirvana. But as someone whose five-foot-seven height is decidedly not of the long-legged variety (the family joke is that we’re taller sitting down than standing up), finding jeans can be a bit of a struggle. 

Sure, a so-called high rise seems made for me, but more often than not, they barely make it to my belly button. At best, they just look like a mid-rise and at worst, they’re smooshing my abdomen in all sorts of unflattering ways. (Let’s agree never to discuss the dark ages known as the early 2000s, when I didn’t have the good sense to abstain from the low-rise trend.) 

So now when I shop for denim online, I skip past the description and go straight to brass tacks: The measurements. These magic numbers have the power to determine whether the pair in question will awkwardly bisect my midsection or make me look like an especially stylish extra on That ’70s Show.

Ten inches? Please. Eleven? What is this, amateur hour? I don’t waste my time unless that rise is 12 inches or more. If you, too, are a member of the long torso club, scroll on for the best super-high-waisted jeans that actually live up to their name. 

agolde pinch waist kick flare

Agolde Pinch Waist Kick Flare

Would it be overdramatic to say that these AGOLDE jeans—arguably the first super-high-rise to go viral in the modern era—changed my life? Because putting them on may have been the first time that a pair of jeans, without any alterations, hit me…at the waist. (Novel concept, right?)

citizens of humanity rocket skinny

Citizens Of Humanity Rocket Skinny

Snug, flattering fit? A nice medium wash? A zipper that measures the approximate length of a city block? The gang’s all here. 

reformation button fly jeans

Reformation Button-fly Jeans

Sure, it takes a full 90 seconds to do up these five buttons, but it’s time well-spent.

levi s ribcage

Levi’s Ribcage

It’s right there in the name, people. If you want your waistband to be in the same region as your bra strap, these babies are for you.

rag bone wide leg jeans

Rag & Bone Wide-leg Jeans

Long torso life hack: Look for jeans styled like trousers—a piece of clothing much more likely to understand what a *true* high waist looks like.

free people flares

Free People Flares

We suddenly have an urge to find the nearest roller disco.

rachel comey bishop jeans

Rachel Comey Bishop Jeans

I’d like to take this moment to thank Rachel Comey for her significant contributions to the long-torsoed community.

j brand tie waist jeans

J Brand Tie-waist Jeans

Congratulations, you found that elusive pair that actually reaches your natural waist. Why not show it off with a bow?

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