4 Fall Trends Made for Tall Gals—Plus 2 You Should Leave for Your Shorter Friends

Although we stand by the notion that women can wear whatever they’d like regardless of height, size or age, that thoughtful notion isn’t totally airtight. For those of us who tend to tower above the other ladies in the room (or at least have absolutely no trouble pulling things from high shelves), it can be a real challenge to find a miniskirt that doesn’t look obscene. But there are a few new trends this season that were practically tailor-made for the long-limbed among us. Here are four fall styles you can wear with ease, plus two you might want to avoid. 

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woman wearing a blue suit
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Do: Slouchy Suits And Blazers

An oversize blazer on a petite woman can leave her looking like a kid playing dress-up, but that’s not so for those of a certain height. That said, gigantic shoulder pads and a super-boxy middle aren’t going to flatter anyone. If the slouchy look is what you’re going for, reach for lighter, thinner fabrics like linen or a cotton-wool blend. Also opt for jackets with a single row of buttons (instead of double-breasted blazers) and pants that are wide but not in a way that swallows your legs whole.

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woman wearing a striped maxi sweater dress
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Do: Maxi Sweater Dresses

As a general rule of thumb, an item of clothing with a lot of fabric (like a maxi dress or a duster coat) will look best on someone tall. Sweater dresses with ankle-grazing hemlines are a growing trend for the upcoming cooler months, and lucky for you, that lengthy knit will look fabulous on your long limbs. It doesn't hurt that this is also one of the easiest, coziest cold-weather outfits out there.

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woman wearing head to toe pink sequins
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Don’t: Head-to-toe Metallics

Having a longer frame means you can pile on more sequins, florals and polka dots than your shorter friends (there’s more room to work with, after all). But while all that extra length is great for mixing and matching different patterns, it can start to feel overwhelming if you stick to just one; a six-foot wall of pink sequins or gold lamé is a lot to take in. Instead, just rock one or two metallic accents at a time.

woman wearing a long sleeve midi dress
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Do: Modest Midi Dresses

Summer’s prairie dress obsession is transitioning to fall in the form of long-sleeve midis, often with a crew or high neck. They’re less voluminous, but there’s still a lot of fabric, which has the potential to overwhelm those with shorter silhouettes. But as a taller member of society, you can easily wear them with slim-fit boots or pointy-toe shoes to balance out all that fabric and those buzzy patterns.

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woman wearing a leather shirt and leather pants
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Do: Lots Of Leather

Pants, jackets, shirts, dresses, skirts—they’re all en vogue at the moment, especially when worn together. And while shorter folks might have to wearing a monochrome top and bottom broken up with a large belt in the middle, a long uninterrupted line of caramel leather works best on someone with a vertical advantage.

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woman wearing mid claf boots
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Don’t: Mid-calf Boots

Boots that hit right at the middle of your shin can end up looking like an accident or like they were meant to be tall riding boots but are just too short for your giraffe-like stems. Opt for kicks that hit right at your ankle, just below the knee or thigh-high, instead.



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