6 Signs You Need a Wardrobe Refresh

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When it comes to self esteem and how you show up in the world, having a fresh, updated wardrobe is key. And while it isn’t necessary to overspend or invest in designer items, you absolutely deserve to feel great about the clothes that you have to wear every day. And if you have an inkling that it’s time to take stock of your closet and make a clean sweep, you might be onto something. Take a look at these 5 signs that suggest you do indeed need a wardrobe refresh.

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6 Signs That You Need A Refresh

1. Your closet is full, but it takes you 30 minutes or more to find an outfit.

OK, adjust the time as you see fit here, but it should not take you ages to get dressed. Instead, you should have enough items in your closet that you absolutely love and feel comfortable in, such that getting dressed is a no-brainer. Feeling indecisive is one thing, but struggling because you really don’t have much to wear is another.

2. More than 5 core items no longer fit.

As we go about our daily lives, things are constantly changing, including our weight. And after the year we’ve had, it totally makes sense if your clothes don’t quite fit the same. But if your go-tos (think jeans, button downs, and your favorite LBD) no longer feel comfortable, give yourself the space and grace to invest in pieces that meet you where you are now.

3. The last time you went shopping was more than a year ago.

A lot can change in a year, but if two years have slipped by and your wardrobe looks exactly the same, it may be time to make a few additions. Whether it’s a new pair of classic jeans or shoes that are on-trend-yet-timeless, it makes sense to give yourself a small update every year. You can even swap out items that no longer work by donating or selling them.

4. Pieces in your core lineup are damaged.

We’re talking holes, tears, permanent stains or anything that otherwise makes your clothes unwearable. Obviously fix what you can (a good dry cleaner or tailor can sometimes help), but anything that is permanently damaged should be thrown away and replaced with an updated option ASAP.

5. Your clothes don’t inspire you.

Wardrobe fatigue is real. After all, there’s so much self-expression that goes into how we dress, so often times a lack of interest in what you have can be an indicator of your life outlook in general. Breathe some new oomph into your look with a few fun but practical pieces—like a colorful Breton stripe top or snakeskin boots.

6. Your wardrobe doesn’t reflect major lifestyle changes.

Becoming a mom, switching careers, going through a personal overhaul, working from home full time—these all call for a different approach to clothing, whether it’s investing in breast-feeding approved tops or retiring the power suits you no longer have a reason to put on. If you find that your closet doesn’t reflect the era that you’re in now, it could be time to take inventory and keep only the pieces that still work for person you’ve become.

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