6 Secrets of Women Who Are Always on Trend

But, ya know, effortlessly

We all have that one friend who’s consistently ahead of the latest trends—yet it never looks like she’s trying too hard. It’s mystifying. It’s maddening. But it’s actually surprisingly simple to pull off. Here are six secrets to effortless style.

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They Save Inspiration For Reference

We all need a little outfit inspo from time to time. But the key is having those styling ideas on hand when you need them most. On-trend ladies update their Pinterest boards often or even just take screenshots of chic Instagrams as they scroll past them. That way, when you’re having a particularly uninspired morning, you can get a quick boost with just a swipe on your phone.

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They Pick One Focal Point

It might be a pair of perfectly tailored culottes or a calf-skimming midi skirt—whatever it is, let that one trend-driven piece anchor the outfit and build upon it. Don’t try too many trends at once.

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They Add An Unexpected Accessory

Add at least one element of surprise—such as a killer pair of heels or a bold bag—to transform a borderline boring look into something special. (It’s also a foolproof way to dip your toes into trendy dressing.)

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They Layer Strategically

A coat over a belted scarf—why didn’t we think of that? But seriously, well-thought-out layers instantly makes you look more stylish. Plus, you’ll get more wear out of your wardrobe.

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They Only Buy Things That Spark Joy

Fact: No matter how trendy or extravagant the piece, it won’t look right if you’re not 100-percent in love with it. Take a cue from Marie Kondo and follow only trends that bring you joy. And if you’re on the fence about something? Do the two-week test. If, after purchasing a new item, you don’t wear it within the first two weeks, return it. Chances are that if it’s a really good buy, you’ll be dying to wear it immediately.

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They Know What Works For Them

And perhaps the most ironic part about being stylish is that you don’t actually have to—nor should you—follow any one trend too closely. In fact, once you know what fits your aesthetic (and body), use that as a guide for any new items you try. For example, you know you look killer in a pair of pants (more so than a dress). Try them in varying lengths (like culottes), fabrics (like leather or suede) and even with different shoes (like a lace-up heel or the ever-trendy white sneaker).

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