These 13 Roller Skates for Women Are TikTok-, Celeb- and Reviewer-Approved

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Thanks to COVID-19 and its ensuing social distancing, we’ve tried almost every hobby you can think of in the past few years. Crafting? Been there. Baking? We've done it. There's one popular pastime we’re still dying to try before the last bit of good weather fades away, however: roller skating. The only problem? We don’t own skates, and not just any pair will do. Rather than aimlessly scrolling through the Google results pages and arbitrarily choosing, we turned to real people (think: TikTokers, celebrities and reviewers) for some insight on their favorite roller skates for women.

What to Look for When Buying Roller Skates

Wheels: According to the skating gurus that be, it’s important to look at the wheels when shopping for a good pair. Smaller ones (30 to 32 millimeters) will be better for indoor tricks, as they offer added agility and a lower center of gravity, while larger wheels (35 to 40 millimeters) are better for long-distance skating outdoors, since they tend to be a bit speedier. Also, soft wheels are best for outdoor skating, whereas harder wheels, which last longer but have less grip, are better for indoor rinks.

Size: Unlike shoes, the skates that best fit your feet may not be an exact match to your measurements. That's because different brands have different shapes and ergonomics that may or may not work with your foot type, so it's best to go with the recommended size for the model you're planning to buy. When it doubt, it's also better to size up—you don't want your toes brushing up against the nose of the skate.

Boot material: The right boot material will depend on what you plan to use them for. Those looking for good models for exercise will appreciate the stability and support a hard boot can provide. Alternately, soft boots allow for greater maneuverability, are less prone to making you sweat and weigh less, making them good choices for dance.

Where to Buy Roller Skates for Women

Sporting goods stores, like Dick's Sporting Goods, or independent skate retailers, like Roller Skate Nation, will have the largest variety of skates around. With the recent uptick in roller skate interest, however, you can also find a few pairs at fashion retailers, such as Nordstrom, Nordstrom Rack, Free People and Urban Outfitters.

The Best Roller Skates at a Glance

Kerry Washington Trying to Roller Skate Is Literally All of Us

roller skates for women riedell

1. Riedell Citizen Plus Roller Skates

Best Overall Roller Skates

This sleek, all-black style comes from a brand with an official stamp of approval from Coco Franklin, a professional roller skating and yoga instructor. According to her TikTok page, she’s been skating for more than 30 years, so yeah: We’re definitely going to take her advice. This pair has a 32-millimeter wheel and a soft body that makes them great for indoor skating and agility.

roller skates for women moxi beach bunny
Roller Skate Nation

2. Moxi Beach Bunny Roller Skates

Most Splurge-Worthy Roller Skates

Another TikToker known for her impressive roller skating moves? Kamry Lorin. She rocks a ton of different skate brands in her videos, but Moxi seems to be one of her favorites. Honestly, we can see why: The color combos, like those seen in this pair of Beach Bunny rollers, are so bright and fun! This particular design, which has a hard vinyl outer, features an adjustable toe stop, which makes it easy to stop if you find yourself going too fast, and a moisture-wicking liner for sweaty feet.

roller skates for women haserd

3. Haserd Canvas Roller Skates

Most Unique Roller Skates

Can’t decide between new roller skates or new sneakers? Who says you can’t have both in one? These breathable skates may look different, but their canvas body is breathable and surprisingly sturdy, too, thanks in large part to the elastic resistance at the top. They also come with adjustable, shock-absorbing wheels for a smooth ride and large front brakes for optimal safety. “I’m extremely happy with these roller skates. They have great quality, great stitching," one happy Amazon reviewer wrote.

roller skates for women 3

4. Chicago Skates Classic Roller Skates

Best Cheap Roller Skates

Looking for a style that’s a bit easier on the wallet? According to reviewers, this pink-and-white pair from Chicago Skates is perfect—especially for first-time roller skaters. It's got everything you'll need to hit the streets, from the high, supportive top with a padded ankle collar to the durable laces to keep your feet securely strapped in. The wheels are extra-large for outdoor use, and there's even a toe stop for easy braking!

roller skates for women impala

5. Impala Roller Skates

Most Popular Roller Skates

For a pair of skates that's beloved by even Hollywood royalty, there are these Impala roller skates. Take it from Reese Witherspoon, who finally got her hands on a pair in August and was quick to let her IG followers know, or Kerry Washington, who posted an Instagram video documenting her attempt at emulating professional roller skater Oumi Janta in the same pair in October. Between the durable, waterproof boot that's heavily padded for comfort and the strong aluminum baseplate, it’s clear these babies are top-of-the-line. At 58 millimeters, they've also got a relatively larger wheel for getting around outdoors.

roller skates women roller derby

6. Roller Derby Cruze Xr Roller Skates

Most Reliable Roller Skates

The Roller Derby Skate Corp, a leading sporting goods manufacturer in the United States, is back at it with another authentic pair of roller skates. These bad boys come in a classic design with ankle support and padding that allows you to roll for hours on end with minimal wear and tear. They've also got a metal chassis that will be great for super tight turns. “[The] boot seems to be good quality and easy to adjust [and] fit with the laces. I skate in a parking lot several times a week and the wheels remain in good shape," one reviewer wrote.

roller skates for women intentionally blank

7. Intentionally Blank Rink Roller Skates

Best Suede Roller Skates

“[These skates] are obviously cute, but they’re also comfortable," wrote one reviewer of these beauties, noting that they even powered through crummy asphalt near their home. The comfortable fit is thanks to extra padding at the ankle and a soft sock lining, and there's a sturdy aluminum track and base plating for longevity. Besides, that genuine suede upper? Gorgeous.

roller skates for women c7
Saks Fifth Avenue

8. C7skates Forget Me Not Roller Skates

Best Roller Skates for Beginners

With large, 58 millimeter wheels, a vegan leather outer and removable toe stops, these Forget Me Not skates are a no-brainer for newbies. “Perfect fit and the glide is very smooth,” wrote one C7Skates customer. “Perfect for beginners,” added another. They have a padded boot and lightweight aluminum trucks for durability, too.

roller skates for women 6

9. Sure-grip Boardwalk Roller Skates

Best Outdoor Roller Skates

TikToker Charlotte Parsons can be seen wearing Sure-Grip’s Boardwalk roller skates in almost all of her videos. Sadly, the pretty blue shade she owns is currently out of stock, but this black suede alternative is more versatile, anyway. The Boardwalk style has a high-impact base with strong trucks and wheels, making it perfect for outdoor skating. Reviewers say they take a little bit to break in, though, so be sure to wear them with cushy socks to start.

roller skates for women goupsky

10. Goupsky Roller Skates

Best Indoor Roller Skates

The holographic exterior of these skates is a fashionable throwback to the '80s that allows for a good thigh and glute workout. They're also ideal for indoor skating rinks due to their urethane water- and wear-resistant wheels, which won’t scuff up floors. “I love these roller skates!" one Amazon shopper wrote. "They're good quality, resistant and durable.” If the reviews are any indicator, they run big, though, so make sure to size down.

roller skates for women intentionally blank 2

11. Intentionally Blank Whip It Roller Skates

Best Fashion Roller Skates

Constructed with genuine cow hide, these stylishly patterned skates will put you in the "moo"-d for a fun workout. They work for indoor or outdoor usage and also have an aluminum baseplate for durability with a PU rubber stopper. "So cute!! I’ve taken them out a couple times already and they’re great!" one enthusiastic reviewer wrote.

roller skates for women roller derby
Urban Outfitters

12. Roller Derby Candi Grl Quad Roller Skate

Best Retro Roller Skates

Throw it back with these groovy suede skates in three distinct colors of either green, blue or peach. Sizing up is recommended by reviewers, but this sturdy pair has also been reported to work well with wide feet, too. "[The] boot is super supportive so, if you [have] weak ankles or balance, then these are perfect for you," one reviewer wrote. Better yet? They can work for all skill levels, from beginner to advanced and everyone in between.

roller skates plmokn

13. PLMOKN Retractable Roller Skates

Best Retractable Roller Skates

These innovative roller skates can be double as regular shoes when the wheels are retracted. You'll have 23 design options to choose from, and the wheels can be brought forth with a simple push of a button. According to reviewers, the unique design provides awesome balance and control. "Totally worth the money!" they wrote. "Great quality, looks great, so much fun. Beyond expectations." Eat your heart out, Heelys!

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