Reese Witherspoon’s Closet Is Total Organization Goals—Here’s How to Replicate it with Container Store Finds

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If you haven’t already started watching Netflix’s newest home show, Get Organized with The Home Edit, just know that it will make you want to declutter just about every inch of your house. The show follows the rainbow-obsessed organizational power duo Joanna Teplin and Clea Shearer, the founders of The Home Edit, as they overhaul living rooms, bedrooms and pantries in the homes celebs and commoners alike. And the final results, as you may have guessed, are seriously enviable.

Episode one opens with none other than Reese Witherspoon and a mini tour of her not-so-humble Tennessee abode. Witherspoon requests the help of Teplin and Shearer’s decluttering expertise for one of her many closets. But this isn’t just any old closet. It’s actually a sort of mini Reese-themed museum featuring clothing and accessories she acquired while playing some of her most beloved roles, including Elle Woods, Madeline Mackenzie and June Carter Cash. Oh, and there are also some of her greatest red-carpet gowns in there, too.

While we may not be able to replicate Witherspoon’s impressive shoe collection, thanks to The Container Store we can make use of the exact same products featured in her closet revamp. Here’s everything The Home Edit team used in the actress’s home, as well as Teplin and Shearer’s best advice on how to get the most out of your closet—no matter its size.

reese witherspoon the home edit wooden hangers and labels

1. start With Matching Hangers

Mismatched hangers of all different shapes, sizes and materials doesn’t just look a mess, it also creates odd gaps on your hanging rod and prevents your clothing from laying as smoothly as possible (which doesn’t do a great job of preserving them in the long run). Teplin and Shearer used white wooden hangers for Witherspoon’s spacious closet, but if you’re working with a tighter space or have more to store, you could always opt for thin velvet hangers, instead.

The Home Edit duo also used labels to denote the various sections of Witherspoon’s costume closet and which event each of Witherspoon’s gorgeous red carpet gowns were worn to. And while these labels were custom (how many people need a label reading “2002 Cannes Film Festival”?) The Container Store does sell a set of closet labels featuring more common categories, like “flats,” “T-shirts,” “seasonal” and “leggings,” that may be more applicable to your daily wardrobe.

Shop similar styles: Basic white wooden hangers ($8 for set of six); Premium non-slip velvet hangers ($7 for set of ten)

reese witherspoon the home edit purse hangers

2. maximize Your Hanging Space

Dresses, skirts and blouses aren’t the only things you can store on your closet’s hanging rod. If you’re strapped for shelf space, Teplin and Shearer are big fans of adding a few purse hangers to the mix. The Container Store has two styles to offer, the acrylic semi-circles used to hang bags in Witherspoon’s Big Little Lies section and a set of metallic hooks which, like the velvet hangers, take up less space and are better for closets that are tightly packed. One thing to keep in mind: the semi-circle shape of the acrylic purse hangers makes them a better choice for any bags with delicate or wide straps, as they will maintain the shape of the handles without causing any unsightly wrinkles or creases.

Shop similar styles: Chrome metal purse hangers ($10 for set of six); Acrylic purse hanger ($15)

reese witherspoon the home edit acryclic shoe stands

3. use Risers To Show Off Shoes In High Places

It’s better to place special occasion or out-of-season shoes on harder to reach shelves, as opposed to the flats or ankle booties you wear five days a week. But this can sometimes make them harder to see and leave you wondering what exactly you tossed up there last time you got the step ladder out. Follow The Home Edit’s lead and prop your shoes up on clear risers, then move them to the very front edge of the shelf, so you can clearly see what’s stored there. (Bonus: This will also lend a high-end retail vibe to your shoe collection, if you’re going for a boutique closet feel.)

Shop similar styles: Acrylic risers (from $4)

reese witherspoon closet

4. Use Shapers To Keep Your Boots Standing Tall

Don’t let your tall, or even mid-calf, boots slouch to the floor and get bent out of shape. The Home Edit team strongly suggests investing in boot shapers, which come in a variety of heights and sizes) to better preserve the shape of all your knee-grazing footwear.

Shop similar styles: Tall white boot shapers ($10; $7); Clear inflatable boot shapers ($5); Innies quilted boot shapers ($20); Cedar boot shapers ($50)

reese witherspoon the home edit stacked accessories boxes

5. stow Accessories In Clear Drawers

Rather than stuffing all of your (or Elle Woods’s) necklaces, earrings and Capitol access pass other easily tangled accessories into an opaque jewelry box where they will inevitably be forgotten, pick up a few clear drawers and boxes that can easily be stacked and restacked in any order you’d like, so you can see all your bits and bobs at a glance. It’ll make getting dressed in the morning a touch easier, too.

Shop similar styles: Acrylic bracelet box ($15; $12); Acrylic necklace keeper ($22; $17); Portrait acrylic paper drawer ($25)

reese witherspoon the home edit memory boxes

6. use Boxes For Extra Knick-knacks Or Out-of-season Pieces

For Witherspoon’s scripts, notes, photos and other small memorabilia, The Home Edit team separated each project into its own memory box and slipped them onto shelves at the back of the closet. Teplin and Shearer actually use this pretty and simple storage solution in multiple closet makeovers on Get Organized with The Home Edit to stow anything from old birthday cards to nostalgic clothing items that no longer fit. This tactic also works with old jewelry you’re unlikely to wear again soon, bags of buttons and sequins and beads that come attached to new purchases or even out-of-season styles like hats and gloves in summer or bikinis in winter.

Shop similar styles: Bigso Steel Blue Stockholm office storage boxes (from $10)



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