PureWow Editors Have Spoken: These Are The 16 Products We're Most Excited About In 2023

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Out with the old and in with the new, we say. This includes everything from letting go of problematic relationships with the gaslighters in our lives to saying goodbye to outdated trends (really, butter boards?). It's also about tossing products that aren't sparking joy to make room for new things that do—which is exactly what PureWow editors are doing this year.

In fact, our group chats have been abuzz with products we're most excited about in 2023. And while the Tracksmith Bislett pants and Oura Ring stole the show, other picks, including the Dorsey Moss necklaceLa DoubleJ Vines Bianco Roy dress and Fly By Jing Sichuan Gold chili oil, did not go unnoticed. So it only made sense to round up all 16 items in a list for you to easily shop.

Your Guide to What's *Actually* Worth It

Several PureWow editors are smitten by this Dorsey Moss necklace featuring lab-grown white sapphire silver riviere that look as real as mined diamonds. PureWow's Vice President of Branded Content notes that it really does live up to the hype: "My mom thought mine was real and almost fell off her chair." At 15.5-inches long and with double safety hooks to fit comfortably and securely around your neck, it's a snazzy investment worth making.

"I feel like this ring is the puzzle piece I'm missing to really understand and improve my run game," PureWow Managing Editor Catrina Yohay admits. It does everything from tracking your heart rate during workouts to providing a daily activity score for three pillars: Inactivity, activity level and recovery. PureWow's Assistant Sales and Deals Editor Destinee Scott thinks it's the coolest way to track your health and wellness in 2023, adding that she gets a kick out of the ring notifying her to go to bed every night and that it "definitely contributes to her waking up feeling more refreshed."

What PureWow Affiliate Strategy Director Pamela Masin describes as "having all the right nostalgic energy with technical upgrades," these nylon, polyester and elastic blend machine-washable pants are designed for the long haul. Several PureWow editors confirm they're impressive, featuring a moisture-wicking, abrasion-resistant, water-repelling nylon and four-way stretch fabric that feels good and performs even better. They also have stirrups that keep them in place and a side-seam pocket to secure small items. You also can’t go wrong with the Turnover tights and Eliot Runner sneakers, according to our staff.

Size range: XS to XL

After seeing her friends matching Calpak bags, PureWow Senior Editor for Branded Content Roberta Fiorito is dying to get her hands on this duffel with a 40,000-person waitlist. She explains, "It's so lightweight and roomy and fits perfectly atop carry-on suitcases without falling off all the time." The water-resistant nylon weekender bag also effortlessly fits under airplane seats (it's 16-inches by 12-inches by 7-inches) and has nine pockets, including one just for your shoes.

PureWow's Editorial Assistant Editor, Delia Curtis, has been searching for a product to achieve a slicked-back tousled matte hair look and settled on this soft clay pomade from Barb. It's supposed to provide a medium hold minus the stiffness and stickiness, and it should rinse away easily with water. "And it's a genderless brand, so bonus points for that!" they rave.

Until the newest iteration of the Apple Airpods Max drops, PureWow Senior Editor Dana Dickey is happily settling for this wireless version."You can listen to music but still maintain a convo with the transparency mode or you can switch to noise-canceling and just hear the music," she explains. Thanks to a 20-hour battery life, a lightweight design for optimal comfort and personalized spatial sound (with dynamic head tracking), they won't disappoint.

If there's one thing that PureWow Books and Wellness Director Sarah Stiefvater wants this year, it's this silk twill La DoubleJ dress. "I have a bunch of weddings to attend, and if I get to wear this stunner to at least one of them, I'll never ask for anything ever again," she raves, adding that she's already imaging the chunky gold earrings, middle-part blowout and ultra-glowy makeup she'd wear with it.

Size range: XS to XL

Initially drawn to the versatile trail running sneakers' colorways, Dickey discovered they're also super comfy thanks to the added cushioning. "I also appreciate their comparatively stiff sole and lateral shoe support," she says. "And there’s a cool plastic tightening innovation that you can just turn to tighten your strings without having to readjust them all the way down the laces." Needless to say, these are the shoes she's most excited to wear this year.

Size range: 5 to 11

Intrigued by the fact that the deodorant comes in a scent that's supposed to smell like the brand's perfume, PureWow Senior Food Editor Katherine Gillen admits she's been thinking of buying this coconut oil-based pick. It's packed with superfruit elderberry extract, magnesium hydroxide and potato starch to keep pits dry and smelling good throughout the day. "Only time will tell," Gillen says.

Like most fabric softeners, this pick rinses away stubborn odors for a heavenly fresh linen smell. Unlike others, it also removes hard water deposits and other residues that are deeply embedded in fabrics (like excess laundry detergent that can make clothes feel stiff and starchy). "It's totally geeky, but I've been into it," PureWow Executive Editor Candace Davison shares. "It's great for deep-cleaning workout clothes, which can get set-in odors over time that are, well, nasty."

Having thinner brows led PureWow's Commerce Director Nicole Briese to this creamy brow texturizing wax (featuring candelilla wax, jojoba seed oil and shea butter, to name a few of its volumizing ingredients). After giving it a whirl, here's what she thinks: "It's such an easy way to finish off your look, and it literally takes two seconds to swipe it on, has some serious staying power and just makes things look a little more full and luscious."

No stranger to the Samsung Frame TV that doubles as art, PureWow Executive Editor Alexia Dellner can't resist the idea of replacing her "hideous A/C unit" with this picture frame air conditioner. Buyers can easily personalize it with their own artwork as they choose from various modes (including cooling, heating, dehumidifying, fan, auto, auto sleep and defrost) through a wireless remote that toggles between several speeds and temperatures as low as 14 degrees Fahrenheit on cooling.

All about the spice, PureWow's Associate Food Editor Taryn Pire is psyched to try this chili oil as seen on Hot Ones. "It's reportedly nine times as spicy as the brand's classic chili oil," she shares. It's crafted with non-GMO soybean oil, non-GMO Sichuan rapeseed oil, chili pepper and Sichuan pepper to start, so you can bet it's as flavorful as they come.

Wanting to focus more on scalp care this year, PureWow Associate Editor Chelsea Candelario is excited about this duo set from Ceremonia. "The exfoliating scrub shampoo is supposed to be great for removing buildup, and the deep conditioner (which I'm a sucker for a good deep conditioner) is meant to add moisture back to my dry strands," she shares. "Plus, it's a Latinx-owned brand, and I'm striving to buy more from BIPOC brands in 2023."

This year PureWow Assistant Editor Stephanie Meraz has her mind set on improving her jump rope skills and claims she's getting her money's worth with this set. "The new AMP handles utilize Bluetooth technology that reads your jumps metrics, like jumps per minute, streaks and power output to name a few," she says, pointing out that her sister has the brand's classic rope set. "Let's just say that her endurance is remarkable now because of her consistent skipping. I’m convinced nothing will ever physically exhaust her anymore," she adds.

"This 20-inch baguette lamp is just so weird, but I want it," Fiorito admits. And she's not the only one. The hand-made lamp is upcycled from unsold bread, then processed and coated with an anti-bacterial and anti-fungal seal, so the plug-in lamp lasts for years. Its LED lights also last up to 50,000 hours.

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