Meghan Markle Just Made *This* Color Start Trending Big Time

OK, we’ll admit it—we're obsessed with Meghan Markle. But honestly, who isn't? From her choice in skincare, jewelry and even decor, the Duchess of Sussex knows how to pick a product. Her taste is so impeccable that during her recent trip to New York, one specific look had tongues wagging and the internet abuzz. The outfit made headlines for its eye-grabbing color, as well as its chic cut. Though the 40-year-old mother-of-two was in town for the Global Citizen Festival, where she and Prince Harry were advocating for vaccine equity, it was this particular shade that got the most attention...

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So, what is the color Meghan Markle rocked that made the masses go wild?

Burgundy. That's right. If you thought you were the only one fawning over the monochromatic burgundy outfit she wore while making an appearance at Harlem's P.S. 123 Mahalia Jackson School, think again. According to fashion platform Lyst, "burgundy" quickly became a popular keyword online as people were trying to find her look, as well as presumably shop other pieces in the color for themselves. Searches for Loro Piana—the brand responsible for the eye-catching get up—also saw an uptick, increasing 66 percent week-on-week. Additionally, the Valextra bag she wore for the day caused a 134 percent spike in online searches for the Italian brand. Needless to say, the Duchess' influence is unbeatable.

According to Vogue India, not only was the outfit fashion-forward, but it was also practical. For one, the cashmere jacket is reversible—so that means she can use the same piece for multiple looks and we wouldn't even know it. Additionally, the Duchess clearly practices what she preaches seeing as though Loro Piana uses sustainable fabrics to craft their clothing. Helping the environment while making it fashion? We love to see it.

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