5 Spring Fashion Trends That Have Staying Power

Right now we can’t get enough of tie-dye, bike shorts and cowboy boots, but talk to us in six months and we’ll likely be singing a different tune. Such is the way with most fashion trends. However, some styles repeatedly earn spots on our lists of wardrobe must-haves, and that we’ll still be wearing them months or even years from now. Here are five lasting trends that won’t go out of style anytime soon.

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Hair Accessories

Embellished barrettes, bright metal clips and preppy headbands aren’t just good for dressing up bad hair days. They are also classically chic and will continue to adorn our strands for years to come, especially when we’re pushing day three of a blowout...

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White Jeans

Rejoice—white jeans aren’t going anywhere. But this season, rather than go the nautical route (white jeans, striped top, fisherman’s sweater), opt for a neutral color palette. Similar to our feelings on black and navy, we’re big believers that cream and white play nicely. It makes for a soft yet sophisticated look.

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Shades Of Yellow

Marigold, canary, lemon, daffodil… Basically any and every version of this sunny hue is big right now. And although it might feel like a difficult color to wear, the trick is to simply figure out which shade looks best with your skin tone. Typically, deeper hues look better on those with warm undertones, and pale yellows look best on those with cool undertones. Now you have a new cheery color to wear on the regular and brighten up even the dreariest of days.

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Baroque Pearls

Pearls are like the LBD of jewelry, but right now the irregularly shaped iterations are reigning supreme. The asymmetrical and mismatched nature of baroque pearls offsets their prim or preppy history, meaning you’ll still be pulling them out of your jewelry box long after you’ve moved on from more fleeting trends.

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Tonal Dressing

One of our favorite ways to battle those “I have nothing to wear” mornings is by picking one color family and rocking it from head to toe. And because those mornings aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, neither will our love for mixing and matching similar hues for a no-fail, no-brainer outfit.