This Is the Most Fashion-Forward Way to Wear Millennial Pink

It's been almost three years since millennial pink achieved world domination (at least, fashion world domination) and even though Pantone, Pinterest and other sources have tried in vain to bring other colors to power, the pretty pastel shows no signs of being dethroned any time soon. That said, there's one color that, when paired with the decade defining shade, somehow it feels fresh and new all over again.!

woman wearing an orange sweater and pink pants
Edward Berthelot/Getty Images

Color Block With Vibrant Solids

The combination brings to mind creamy bowls of sherbet, vibrant sunsets and blooming bouquets, and now it also reminds us of our most fashion-forward friends.

Get the look: Pringle of Scotland sweater ($495); Moschino pants ($240)

woman walking across the street wearing pink and orange
Christian Vierig/Getty Images

Start With Just A Pop

Orange can feel intimidating to wear from head to toe, but even just a little bit can go a long way. Try a pair of bright heels, a handbag or even some bold earrings before going all out.

Get the look: Unique 21 top ($30) and pants ($26); Calvin Klein heels ($119)

woman wearing orange and pink
Christian Vierig/Getty Images

Incorporate A Neutral

Keep the focus on this colorful dream team by limiting any additional pieces to neutral hues like black, white, brown or gray.

Get the look: Missguided coat ($80); Leith dress ($69)



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