How to Wear Leggings as Pants and Not Look Tacky

As demonstrated by celebrities

OK, OK, leggings: You win. We get that you’re perfect for that Sunday schlep to Whole Foods. But how to keep the stretchy dream alive and not look like a slob? Here, seven celebrities showing you how to properly rock your wardrobe’s guilty pleasure.

You Guys, We Finally Found Comfortable and Totally Chic Leggings

Gigi Hadid

Add over-the-knee boots and a colored leather jacket for the ultimate cool-girl ensemble.

Miranda Kerr

We’re not necessarily condoning the belly flash, but we are on board with the black-and-white trainers paired with the menswear coat.

Camila Alves

No one likes panty lines, so cover your rump with an oversized tunic and top it all with a fitted moto jacket.

Taraji P. Henson

And if you’re going to go for a printed pair, make sure everything else is simple. Like a black muscle tee and slip-ons. Cookie forever.

Charlize Theron

Or add a pattern on top to keep your leather pair casual.

Joan Smalls

If you’re looking to dress them up a bit, try your leggings with a graphic tee and suede accessories.

Elizabeth Banks

But really, who has time for dress up when there are sidewalks to shovel and decorations to dismantle? Throw on a poncho and some hater blockers and continue on your way.