Fran Drescher Partnered to Make ‘Nanny’-Inspired Clothing and Now We Can Finally Dress Like the ’90s Icon

As Fran Fine (played by Fran Drescher) once said on The Nanny: “But I've got style, I've got flair. How did I become the nanny?”

Of course, we're thankful that Fran did end up becoming a nanny on the hit sitcom, because it led to six seasons of endless laughs and iconic moments. However, all of these episodes would've felt less lively without the lead's eye-popping wardrobe.

The Queens-born fashionista was always surprising us with bold prints, unusual texture combos and scene-stealing accessories. And luckily for us, now we finally have the chance to dress like the ’90s TV character, thanks to a collaboration between Drescher and the consignment company thredUP (which you can shop here).

Fran Drescher in 'The Nanny.'
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Drescher teamed up with the company, as well as designer Zero Waste Daniel, to create a line of Nanny-inspired clothes by using secondhand pieces that have been upcycled into stylish statement garments.

Along with the Nanny 'fits, the collection also includes home decor, pet beds, display bowls and more.

In a press release from thredUP, they wrote, “thredUP, one of the largest online resale platforms, has launched the thredUP x Zero Waste Daniel Full Circle Collection, an upcycled holiday collection made entirely of secondhand clothes. The company partnered with The Nanny star and style icon Fran Drescher to bring the trash-to-treasure collection to life for the ultimate fashion throwback.”

Drescher herself talked about the collection, saying, “One word: FAB-U-LOUS! I cannot believe these items used to be old clothes. Now they make the perfect sustainable gift! I’ll be on everybody’s Nice list.”

Meanwhile, designer Zero Waste Daniel added, “With the magic of the holidays and the endless inspiration that is Fran, we turned literally thousands of clothes into truly one-of-a-kind, zero waste gifts.”

Daniel, who consulted Nanny costume designer Brenda Cooper, put together a collection of specifically Fran Fine-inspired designs from the show, including a geometric denim vest, a plaid skirt adorned with maroon velvet and white lace, as well as a sparkly striped top (although, sadly all of these special pieces have been sold).

Nevertheless, other pieces from the collection are still available, including collector's coats, beanies, crossbody bags and more—all items we think Fran Fine would approve of.

thenanny hero
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Upcycled, vintage and Fran Drescher-approved? Count us in.

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