The Worst Mistake Fran Drescher Ever Made? Paying for Diction Lessons to Fix Her Voice

There are few voices more iconic than Fran Drescher’s, yet the Nanny star once made a major mistake that could have changed her voice forever.

Drescher recently admitted to InStyle that she took diction classes to rid herself of her Queens, New York, accent, but it didn’t take. *Breathes sigh of relief*

“I did have a teacher in high school that said, ‘You really have to learn how to speak less New York if you wanna make it,’” the actress remembered.

But that wasn’t the only time she heard that annoying piece of advice, and she ultimately sought professional (but ineffective) help. “I heard that again once I was starting to make it as a comedienne,” Drescher revealed. “At that point, I actually did take diction classes. But I wasn’t able to mask it and keep my personality, plus I was established as a comic actress who’s pretty and funny with a funny voice.”

What would The Nanny be without Fran’s nasally voice? We don’t even want to imagine it, and thankfully we’ll never have to.

Bless that unsuccessful diction coach.

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