Crocs Are Officially Trending, So You Might as Well Get a Pair

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Crocs are one of the “It” shoes of summer 2020. No, we’re not just saying that to get you inflamed; we’ve got the data to prove it. Searches for Crocs, the shoes once synonymous with dowdy, dorky style and most often worn by nurses and chefs, have increased 32 percent month-on-month according to the global fashion search platform Lyst. And that number is only going up.

It shouldn’t come as too much of a shock to hear that the bulky but light-as-air clogs are rising in popularity once more given that athleisure, normcore and dad-approved fashion are now established as long-lasting fashion movements. People seem to be less concerned with clothing that looks sleek, chic or even flattering, and are now intensely focused on comfort. Add into the mix a global pandemic that has many of us stuck at home and wondering exactly what walking around our homes barefoot is doing to our arches (hint: nothing good), and it feels only logical that supportive, affordable Crocs would become in-demand among influencers, editors and the fashion obsessed.

While Tim Gunn may have once referred to Crocs as a “plastic hoof,” the foam clogs have come a long way since their initial rise in 2006 and the brand now offers numerous, non-hoof-like styles to choose from. There are minimalist flip-flops and slides, strappy flats and both streamlined and pumped-up platform clogs. Over the past few weeks, Lyst has seen floral and leopard prints in particular taking the lead while Pride Month caused Crocs’ Platform Rainbow Clogs to sell out in record time.

woman wearing navy blue crocs
Mauricio Santana/Getty Images

So, what is it that makes Crocs such a uniquely iconic shoe? It depends who you ask. “For working in a kitchen they’re just so comfortable and lightweight, you don’t even notice them on your feet which makes a huge difference when you’re standing in front of a stove for eight or nine hours,” says chef Lauren Giambrone. “It helps that they’re also super easy to clean. I spray mine with the garden hose every few days to keep them looking fresh.”

The original Crocs designs, and most styles today, are made with EVA-foam, the same stuff that’s in many long-distance running shoes. This material both molds to the contours of the wearer’s feet while also offering support and stability in those areas that need it most. And while Crocs are not going to give you the same level of support as a marathon running shoe (which has multiple other design elements to help your feet survive 26.2 miles in one day), they can help prevent common foot issues like plantar fasciitis, bunions, hammer toes or fallen arches. Which might explain why many podiatrists are also, unsurprisingly, big fans of these kicks.

That gloriously supportive foam also makes for a particularly good summer shoe, thanks to its antibacterial abilities which prevent Crocs from getting stinky as your feet sweat (even if you wear them without socks). They also don’t absorb water the way cotton, wool or even leather would, making them perfect for beach and pool visits, afternoons spent washing the car or for working in the garden. As Giambrone suggested, all you need to do is rinse them off with a hose or in the sink and they'll look good as new.

crocs by christopher kane
Courtesy of Christopher Kane/Getty Images

Sensibility aside, what about Crocs’ style factor? Yeah, not everyone is sold just yet. “Everyone keeps telling me I need to get Crocs, I need to get Crocs, but I just can’t wrap my head around how to wear them!” says stylist Vanessa Powell. “Christopher Kane and Madewell both did collabs, so you’ve got the high-end and low-end. I somehow learned to make those New Balance 990s (the ultimate dad shoe) work so I suppose there’s a way to make Crocs feel cool too. I’ll let you know once I’ve cracked the code on them.”

One chat with PureWow’s own Dara Katz, however, and you might feel ready to swap all your go-to summer shoes for the iconic clogs. “As I’ve written about in depth, Crocs are the answer, always and forever. My feet—flat, wide, other undiagnosed issues—have long struggled in regular shoes, even tennis shoes. And even though I wore them at my first job in a dentist’s office as part of the uniform, I never knew they would become such a Gen-Z trend. Now I’m all about embracing them. While I have worn them to work for an experiment, I keep them mostly around as house shoes and the wide toe bed in the R&R my feet absolutely need.”

So, there you have it. Crocs are here, they’re growing in popularity and they’re sure to give your poor feet some much needed comfort. We never thought we’d be saying this, but who’s ready to stock up on Crocs?



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