The One Bra-Fitting Tip Youve Never Heard Before
Harper Wilde

While we're sitting here contemplating how we're going to squeeze Rihanna's entire forthcoming lingerie line into our already-overflowing underwear drawer, we realized we've been hoarding way too many bras that either aren't very comfortable, don't fit us right or are as old and gray as our Nan's cat (still love you, Mittens). 

With that in mind, we turned to the boob experts at Harper Wilde, a no-frills underwear start-up. And out of their many amazing bra-fitting tips, we found one that really surprised us.

When you're buying a new bra, make sure the band fits comfortably on the loosest hook and that the back strap sits straight across without riding up. If you have to use the tighter hooks, go for a smaller band size. So, why does this matter? Well, intimates fabric inevitably stretches over time (wear, tear, washing, ya know), and when it does you can then tighten it to the second or third set of hooks.

Yeah. Cool story, bra.

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