The Boomer Style Rule That's Making a Shocking Comeback

"Match" made indeed

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Every generation has its fair share of style choices that we prefer to keep in the vault, as well as ones worth bringing back for the masses. And although we may butt heads with boomers on numerous occasions, there are a few fashion rules we can definitely agree on. One style choice that Gen-Z and millennials are rushing to try out? Matching their bags to their shoes (and sometimes even their belt). This monochromatic technique has been around for ages, and it's making a huge comeback in 2024.

The effect is similar to Sandwich Dressing, as it creates a balancing effect of coordinating your bag with your shoes. The small detail can make for a cohesive, fashion-forward look.

For our Fashion Editor Abby Hepworth, it's a fashion rule that she learned from her grandmother and began to implement it more into her own personal style. "I remember my grandmother was always very insistent that her bag and shoes match. But it wasn't just about color—if the bag was a brown patent leather, then the shoes needed to be patent as well. She thought it was funny and 'artistic' when my sisters and I would show up totally mismatched, but for her it was only ever matchy-matchy," says Hepworth. "I think of her more often now when I get dressed, especially now that I am such a fan of matching my accessories to one another. It's also such an easy way to incorporate a brighter, bolder color without it feeling totally out of place."

It has even been a hot topic for a few years now, with many Redditors asking the same question: Is it trendy or outdated? (Spoiler alert: All signs point to it being a go-to rule to follow in 2024.) Ready to get started? We have a few tips to follow this beloved boomer fashion rule.

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1. Wear One Distinct Color

Color is the easiest way to follow this method. You can start with primary colors (i.e., red, yellow, blue) or neutrals (i.e., black, white), but honestly it doesn't matter as long as they are identical shades, like the bright green shoes and bag shown above.

You can also keep patterns and prints in mind, too. For example, if you're going for a gingham style on your tote, consider it on your flats as well. It's all about having fun with coordinating these accessories.

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2. Combine Identical Material

You mastered the same color, but rocking the same material will take your look to the next level. If you're sporting brown leather boots, a brown leather bag will bring the whole attire together. This step can truly make it a classic combo for any occasion.

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3. Complement Your Accessories

You can either go for a lighter version of the main color scheme—for a tonal look—or you can sport a secondary shade that's opposite of your accessories' color on the color wheel for a contrast that will really make them pop. Yes, we're taking you back to your high school art class, but just check out how striking the outfit below is with its lavender heels and bag, paired with an orange skirt. Those complementary colors immediately draw you in.

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The only thing you shouldn't do is match EVERYTHING together. If you love a monochromatic moment, go for it. However, this specific rule is all about matching your shoes and bag, so donning the same color or material from head to toe may defeat the purpose.

At the end of the day, your accessories are the star, so just go forth and experiment with your looks. Thanks, boomers!

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