Beyoncé Looks Like a Super Spy in This Gorgeous Black Gown

How does every post from Beyoncé somehow look like a movie poster?

Just in time for the premiere of the new James Bond flick No Time to Die, Beyoncé looks like a sort of super spy herself, with the latest series of photos she just posted to her Instagram account. The “Formation” singer was in attendance at the London Film Festival last night with her husband, Jay-Z, and with this look, we're sure it took Beyoncé a lot longer than 45 minutes to get all dressed up.

Yoncé was sporting a black column gown from Valdrin Sahiti, which included an asymmetrical sweetheart neckline, with one side forming a sharp winged point. She also carried around a sparkly silver clutch and donned mysterious black shades for a few of the photos.

In typical Beyoncé fashion, she did not put a caption on the three posts she shared from her evening. However, her photos were easily worth a thousand words themselves.

The one post included the singer posing in front of a wall of mirrors, followed by a close-up shot of her standing in a hotel lobby. Another post featured her and Jay-Z cuddling together in the back of a limo, with Beyoncé throwing up hand horns. It also included shots of the singer posing on the red carpet.

Finally, Queen Bey posted shots from a flight of stairs, where we got an even better look at her dark shades, which include stunning navy blue lenses. We know Beyoncé loves her angles and she certainly used the staircase to her advantage.

Petition for Beyoncé to be the next James Bond? We would totally be down.

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