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What to Buy Your Kids for Back-to-School Based on Their Latest Obsessions

While we can’t predict what this fall will bring, one thing’s for certain: school will be in session. Whether it’s from the comfort—er, chaos—of home or back in the classroom (or a mix of both), your shopping list needs to have the perfect balance of what your kids will need, plus a few items they’re actually super-excited for. That’s why we teamed up with Kohl’s to round up the must-have picks for students based on their current obsessions. From Fortnite to Frozen, here is your go-to guide for the best back-to-school ever.

Your homework: Stock up for the year now, and if you shop during a Kohl's Cash earn period, you can earn Kohl's Cash to use at a later applicable redemption date to save even more moola (yes, that's slang for money). Class is already in session, it seems...

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Try These Magical Back-to-School Items

Whether they can’t get enough of their mermaid floaties or they’re crushing hard on trendy tie-dye, we’ve got your kid covered for back-to-school. It’s easy to dream up your next big project when your backpack is covered in rainbows and butterflies. And don’t forget pastel printed leggings, perfect for lounging around the house before their next Zoom session.

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Try These Gamer-Approved Essentials

If it were up to them, class would always be conducted virtually...because it’s that much easier to switch to Animal Crossing once the school day is over (duh). Get your gamer geared up for her next big mission—aka hitting the books—with these video game-themed back-to-school essentials.

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Try These Galaxy-Themed Goods

Your little Einstein might not be theorizing on the origins of the universe (yet...), but these far-out finds will surely help get their creative juices flowing. Baby Yoda tees, starry-skied backpacks and running shoes able to outrun the Empire: We come in peace (and with your kids new favorite clothes).

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Try These Fashion-Forward Finds

Admit it: Your kids could teach Fashion 101 and you definitely know where they got it from. For style aficionados, the first day of school is a *big* deal. Thankfully, Kohl’s makes it easy for kids to look their best in brands they know and love, especially when their parents are on a budget.

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Try These Princess-Approved Items

“Let it go, let it gooo!” And by “it” we mean the idea that we have any semblance of control during our homeschooling situation. One thing you can control, though, is how excited you’ll be when you realize they’re dressed and ready for school on time. Is it because they love their new Disney princess tee and couldn’t wait to put it on? Or their sparkly pink slides? Whatever the case, these picks make for a very happily ever after.

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Try These Prehistoric-Inspired Essentials

First, what do you call a dinosaur with an extensive vocabulary? Answer: A thesaurus. (Sorry, had to.) Jokes aside, your kid can tell the difference between a velociraptor versus stegosaurus without a problem, meaning these dino-themed finds are just what they need to get pumped about returning to the homeroom (or the home office).

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Try These Sporty and Athletic Options

P.E. is their favorite class and can we really blame them? Get your kids ready for the (socially distanced) playground, after-school sports or just unbeatable autumn weather with these athletic finds from their favorite activewear brands. Even when they need to hit the books, whether it’s in the classroom or at home, they can do so in comfort with breathable dri-fit and stretchy spandex.

To shop everything your kids need this season, check out Kohl's Back-to-School Shop.


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