40 Unique Grandparent Names That Aren't Grandma and Grandpa

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So your in-laws took Grandma and Grandpa and now your parents are scratching their heads trying to figure out what they should be called (because you can’t possibly have two grandmas!). Don’t worry: There are tons of adorable names they can totally adopt. Here, some of our favorite unique grandparent names, including international monikers (like the Italian Nonna and Nonno and Lola and Lolo from the Philippines) to sweet nicknames (oh hi, Mimi).

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baba and babu

1. Baba and Babu

These two easy-to-say and oh-so adorable names are Georgian for “grandma” and “grandpa.”

2. Bubbe and Zayde

Pronounced "Bubbeh" or "Bubbee" and "Zaydeh" or "Zaydee," these are the Yiddish words for grandmother and grandfather.

3. Babcia and Dziadziu

From our Polish pals, you pronounce it bop-cha and ja-jee.


4. Nana

Short and sweet, not to mention easy to pronounce for the little ones.

5. Nani and Nana

The maternal grandparent names (i.e., mom’s parents) in Hindi.

6. Dadi and Dada

And the paternal ones (yep, no confused kids here).

7. Nonna and Nonno

Che bello! The Italian names for grandma and grandpa are too sweet.


8. Gigi

Or “GG” when she’s signing off on birthday cards. So much more modern than Grandma, no?

9. Madear

From the American south, this one is particularly fitting considering how adored she is in the fam.

10. Mimi

Another short and sweet moniker for grandma, this one might just be one of your baby’s first words—right after Mama, of course.

11. Poppa G

Aka the original gangsta of the family.

poppa g

12. Popsie

For the granddad who has a twinkle in his eye.

13. PopPop

A popular nickname for grandads (and fitting for any grandparent who knows how to bust a move).

14. Grandy

Well, that’s just dandy.

15. Lola and Lolo

From our Filipino friends.

oma and opa

16. Oma and Opa

German (and also Dutch) for "grandma" and "grandpa."

17. Abu

Short for Abuela (i.e., Spanish for “grandma”).

18. Gammy

Also goes by Gams. Cute, right?

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19. Abuela and Abuelo

Abuela and Abuelo are Spanish monikers that translate to grandma and grandpa, respectively; they’re widely used in every Spanish-speaking country.

20. Yeye and Nainai

Yeye and Nainai are the words used for the paternal grandmother and grandfather in Chinese.

21. Gran

This shortened version of Granny isn’t quite as popular, but it still has a sizable presence in Scotland and other parts of the U.K.

22. Grandude

A little silly, but decidedly hipper than grandad, no?

23. Bibi and Babu

Though similar to the Georgian monikers on our list, Bibi and Babu are actually the names given to grandma and grandpa in Swahili.

24. Gramps

Drop a syllable and you’ve got a playful alternative to grandpa that just might stick.

unique grandparent names pawpaw mawmaw
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25. Mawmaw and Pawpaw

Distinct from mama and papa, but only when written (so keep that in mind if you don’t want any confusion).

26. Momo and Papo

You can easily distinguish grandparents from parents by changing up the vowels.

27. Mima

A variant of Mimi that’s just as easy for a baby to say.

28. Avo and Vovo

Avo and Vovo mean grandma and grandpa in Portuguese.

29. Savta and Saba

There are quite a few options for Jewish grandparents, but Savta and Saba are straightforward choices that mean grandma and grandpa in Hebrew.

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30. Papito and Mamita

Anyone who calls their parents Papi and Mami can always consider tacking on an extra syllable for the grandparents.

31. Pópó

In Chinese, Pópó is used to refer to the maternal grandmother.

32. Giagia and Pappous

It’s all Greek to us (and damn cute too).

33. Lito and Lita

The Spanish Abuelito and Abuelita—charming diminutive versions of Abuelo and Abuela—can be shortened to lito and lita for sweet and easy-to-say nicknames for the grandparents.

34. Tutu

The Hawaiian word for grandparent is gender neutral and decidedly baby-friendly.

unique grandparent names gaga
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35. Gaga

Because your baby tried to say grandma and this is what came out.

36. Boppa

This peppy nickname of German origin might sound like Papa, but it’s different enough to suit a grandpa.

37. Granny

Granny is the most loved name for a grandmother in Scotland.

38. Poppy

Like Pop, but longer and arguably cuter.

39. Babuschka

Babuschka is commonly used for grandmas in Russia. (The signature headscarf is optional.)

40. Yaya

A popular nickname for grandmas in Greece and beyond, this one is so easy for a baby to say it was most likely invented by one.

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