Whether your kid is just learning to walk (and trip and climb and fall), or you’re in the midst of the threenager phase, parenting a toddler is no easy feat. While we can’t promise that the items below will keep your little monkey from scaling the cabinets or throwing a tantrum in the middle of the grocery store, we do think that they make parenting just a little bit easier (and more fun). Here, 14 random but useful products for anyone with a toddler at home.

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1. Little Partners® Learning Tower

When your kid is no longer satisfied with bashing toys on the floor and would rather play sous-chef with you, it’s adorable... and annoying. (Have you ever tried chopping a carrot while holding a squirming toddler?). Enter this learning tower—designed by a Montessori school educator, it elevates your kid to kitchen counter height so he can get in on the action (and you can still get dinner on the table).

Buy it ($230)

2. Aqueduck Faucet Extender

Kids are gross. And especially in light of recent events, getting your toddler to wash her hands is more important than ever. It’s also a total pain in the neck...and back and shoulders. This handy sink extender means less hoisting on your part and more cleaning on theirs (maybe).

$10 at Amazon

3. Acko Folding Stepping Stool

Speaking of washing hands, if you want to avoid having to carry your toddler up to the sink altogether then you’re going to need a stepping stool. Not only will this help your kid wash hands, brush teeth and even climb up to the potty, but it can also be used as a toy (it’s a tunnel! A house! A table for Teddy!).

$20 at Amazon

4. Snack Catcher

“I’m never going to be one of those parents that just hands their kids snacks all day,” you said when your babe was just a newborn. Fast forward to the toddler years and whenever you need to find your kid, all you have to do is follow the trail of Goldfish. Look, it’s fine—snacks keep your toddler busy and calm. Especially when they’re served in this handy spill-proof container with soft flaps for easy access. More reasons to love this snack catcher: It fits into the car or stroller and is also dish-washer safe.

Buy it ($4)

5. Boogie Wipes

We could write a love letter to these saline-soaked wipes (we did, in fact). Enriched with vitamin E, chamomile and aloe, they’re soothing and repairing while being sturdy enough for your kid to wipe their own nose (toddlers want to do everything themselves, haven’t you heard?). Stock up before cold season starts.

$12 at Amazon for pack of three

6. Magna-Tiles

Yes, they’re pricey. But a 32-piece Magna-Tile set is well worth the investment. Although the box says ages three and up, we’ve seen kids as young as nine months explore and build with these magical magnetic blocks. Watch in awe as your toddler creates boxes, houses, castles, cars and more. The best part is that these tiles will stay in the toy rotation for years, and help develop math, tactile and spatial skills to boot.

Buy it ($50)

7. Non-slip socks

Why do they make baby socks with grips when, well, babies can’t walk? Toddlers are the ones who really need the extra hold on their feet (because, um, they fall a lot) but finding socks for them with grips can be tricky. That’s why we love these non-slip socks—they come in adorable designs and feature that all-important grip on the bottom.

$17 at Amazon

8. Jambini Magnetic Cabinet Locks

You thought baby-proofing was a big deal? Well, now your toddler knows exactly where to find the good stuff (you know, like the laundry detergent and the cookies). Up your child-proofing game with a set of magnetic child locks. Cleverly placed inside the cabinet door keeps locks out of sight (and immune to child tampering) and the use of adhesive tape means no damage done to your kitchen. Easy-peasy.

$13 at Amazon

9. Black+Decker Handheld Vacuum

Cheerios under the couch, rocks inside the laundry machine and mud, well, just about everywhere… sound familiar? Help tame the chaos with a handheld vacuum cleaner that can be whipped up at a moment’s notice to suck up whatever gross thing your child has dropped/spilled/hidden.

Buy it ($60)

10. Water Reveal Pads

And you thought watching 40 minutes of CoComelon was bad… try sitting in a car with a toddler for that amount of time. When you need a screen-free way to keep your kid entertained, moms swear by these water reveal pads. Here’s how they work: Each book comes with four reusable white pages that include simple line drawings when dry, then are filled with color when wet. They’re portable, mess-free and fun.

$28 at Amazon

11. Car Seat Organizer Kids Travel Tray

OK but let’s say you need something to keep your kid occupied for longer than a drive to the beach. When one PureWow mom recently embarked on a Florida to NYC road trip with her toddler, she relied on this set of dry erase markers and lap desk to keep our daughter entertained. “The surface is a wipeable dry erase board and it can hold all of her toys within easy reach—tablet included, because let’s be real, it’s crucial on long hauls.”

$25 at Amazon

12. Sonicare for Kids Electric Toothbrush

So your toddler’s idea of brushing her teeth is clamping down on the brush, sucking off all the toothpaste and then proudly declaring that she’s “all done!” That’s why we put seven highly-ranked toddler toothbrushes to the test to find the best one and we’re happy to say the Sonicare for kids electric brush delivers. Say goodbye to power struggles and hello to those pearly whites.

$50 at Amazon

13. Plastic Divided Kids Plates

Your child can’t get enough of broccoli and is a big fan of cheese—just not together. Your picky eater will love that these divided plates keep his food separated just the way he likes it, and parents love that they’re both microwave- and dishwasher-safe.

Buy it ($1 each)

14. Shampoo Hat

You’re downstairs making dinner when you hear a piercing scream from upstairs. Did your kid fall down? Accidentally flush their precious lovey down the toilet? Nope, that was just the sound of a little bit of shampoo getting in their eye. Minimize the bathtime drama with this shampoo hat. Yes, it’s ridiculous-looking but it will keep those soap suds away from your child’s eyes long enough for you to actually scrub their scalp clean.

$9 at Amazon

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