The 50 Last-Minute Father’s Day Gifts to Buy Any Dad in Your Life

Fast, memorable and oh-so good

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last minute fathers day gifts
Victoria Bellafiore

You want a last-minute Father's Day gift that delivers—in more ways than one. As in, delivers a smile to his face *and* delivers to his doorstep on time. Well, that's the case with these 50 picks that will all arrive in at least a week, many within a day and some that you can even pick up in-store if you’re really in a rush. 

We also included ones with a gift certificate or a recurring subscription so you can get them ASAP. Think about what the dad, grandpa or stepdad on your list is doing or enjoying this summer to get them something memorable. If they are traveling, gift them a fancy new Thule carry-on bag ($350). Do they like to cook? Get them a versatile small appliance to widen their repertoire, such as this does-it-all Instant Pot (from $80). How about that sweet tooth of theirs? It's going to nom nom nom a monthly box of cookies (from $28/month). In any case, the June 18 holiday is fast approaching, so there’s no more time to delay. Here are 50 last-minute Father’s Day gifts he’s bound to love.

The Top 5 Last-Minute Father’s Day Gifts to Buy Any Dad in Your Life

Where to Get Very Last-Minute Gifts

Not everyone is the type to start shopping for an occasion months in advance. Father’s Day creeps up quickly, but the good news is that tons of shops offer fast (and in some cases, free!) shipping so you can get your last-minute gifts in time. Along with the usual suspects like Amazon, Walmart, Target and Best Buy, you can find last-minute gifts from stores like Nordstrom, Nike and Macy’s. Many retailers that have physical shops also offer the option to order online and pick up in-store as quickly as the next or even same day. Order dad a subscription to a service like Masterclass or Paramount+, or make him a Memento video and you can have a confirmation e-mail or virtual gift ready within minutes or hours. 

How We Chose the Best Last-Minute Father’s Day Gifts

To help you with your shopping, we chose the best last-minute Father’s Day gifts based on the types of gifts that would suit all types of dads, from the fit and active dad to the couch potato dad, the dad who likes to pick up new hobbies and the dad who is set in his ways and knows exactly what he loves. We chose items that are thoughtful and will appeal to dad’s unique personality, as well as things he can enjoy right away or, in some cases, continue to use and experience for years to come. 

We also selected items that our team has used ourselves, or else went by customer or expert reviews, choosing only items that come highly rated and/or are top sellers. Finally, we focused on items that can be shipped quickly, at least within a week, or picked up in-store, so you can rest assured he’ll get them in time.

The 63 Best Father’s Day Gifts, From $11 to $1,900

For the Sentimental Dad

1. Memento Video


  • What We Like: totally personal gift, dad can watch over and over again
  • What We Don’t Like: requires a subscription, ads without premium
  • Shipping: immediate

Dad has probably told you time and time again that he has everything he needs. If this sounds like pops, consider getting him a gift that is totally personal to him and that he most assuredly doesn’t have. Gather all the siblings, grandkids and other special people in his life and create a group video professing your love for him. Talk about his quirks, fun memories and deliver a cute quip or two. Dad will have it on hand to watch any time he needs a smile. Don’t forget to set up the big screen so he can watch his personalized video with everyone for the first time. 

For the Single Dad

2. PowerXL Vortex Air Fryer


  • What We Like: promotes healthier cooking
  • What We Don’t Like: might be bigger than he needs
  • Shipping: 2-day delivery

If dad is on his own and needs something for quick and easy meal prep, an air fryer will be his kitchen savior. He can make everything from frozen French fries and chicken wings to homemade pork chops, crispy vegetables and burgers. This model also features six-in-one functionality, so he can use it as a fryer, dehydrator, pizza oven, baking oven or roaster. The best part? It requires little to no oil so it’s better for his heart health. Plus, it’s super easy to clean. Every dad needs one of these babies in his kitchen.

For the Dad Who Needs a Wardrobe Update

3. Nordstrom Soft Knit Sport Coat


  • What We Like: color matches everything, fits true to size
  • What We Don’t Like: dry cleaning required
  • Shipping: 4-7 days, next-day store pick-up available

Has dad been sporting the same old sport coat for decades? If so, upgrade him to something more modern that isn’t starting to fray at the edges and doesn’t have a wine stain from 1985 on the breast pocket. He can pair this dapper number, featuring notched lapels and a slightly stretchy polyester material, with some slacks for a formal occasion or toss it on with a shirt and jeans for the next family affair or work event. It’s about time dad dresses to impress!

For the Dad With Facial Hair

4. Gillette Labs 3-Piece Heated Razor Starter Set


  • What We Like: fully waterproof, adjustable heat level
  • What We Don’t Like: only six shaves per charge
  • Shipping: usually ships within 2 business days

Dads might rock everything from a 5 o’clock shadow to a full goatee. Maybe he still hasn’t gotten rid of that awful mustache from Movember and is continuing to channel his inner Ted Lasso. Whatever the case, help him groom that facial hair in the most high-tech way possible. This razor is like enjoying a hot towel shave thanks to the stainless steel warming bar and intelligent heat sensors built into it. It’s basically a trip to the barbershop every day when he grooms with this set. Psst: He’ll also love the gadget-y aspect of the wireless magnetic charging port.

For the Dad Whose Into Photography

5. Canon EOS Rebel T7 Kit


  • What We Like: has built-in Wi-Fi, perfect for beginners
  • What We Don’t Like: need to buy a memory card separately
  • Shipping: 3-4 days, store pick-up available

Dad might not be Ansel Adams just yet, but if he is interested in photography, or might love picking it up as a new hobby, he’ll need something better than his smartphone camera. Pick him up this camera kit so he can do one better than the TikToking neighbor kid. It not only includes a premium camera, but also a high-end zoom lens and a nice carry bag. From taking shots at the kids’ softball games to capturing scenery on the family hikes, dad will be showing off his mad photography skills in no time, putting everyone else’s grainy shots online to shame.

For the Dad Who Loves to Learn New Things

6. MasterClass Membership


  • What We Like: so much variety
  • What We Don’t Like: requires an ongoing subscription (though you can cancel anytime)
  • Shipping: immediately available 

Bob Iger teaches business. Robert Reffkin holds forth on buying and selling real estate. Wayne Gretzky talks about the athletic mindset. Aaron Sorkin and Martin Scorsese supply their secrets to filmmaking. These are just a few of the experts who your giftee can learn from via this series of fascinating classes available for as low as $10 a month. Just be warned: Dad is going to have *a lot* of new facts to talk about at dinner.

For the Dad With Aches and Pains

7. Sportneer Percussion Massage Device


  • What We Like: great price, battery powered, comes with multiple massage heads
  • What We Don’t Like: dad might use it too much!
  • Shipping: next day with Amazon Prime

Beloved by an audience that includes sciatica-suffering barbers and PureWow moms who overdo it on weekend workouts, this sleek massager comes with eight massage heads—and it's on sale for Father's Day. He can choose from 30 speed levels to find the one perfect for him (and the intensity of the pain). Don’t worry, mom, it runs whisper quiet so you can still watch your stories without interruption. With a battery that lasts up to six hours per charge and a carry case, this massage gun will become the first thing dad packs in his carry-on and gym bag.

For the Dad Who Likes to Smell Good

8. Fragrance Sampler Set


  • What We Like: lots of variety
  • What We Don’t Like: he might not like them all
  • Shipping: 5-8 days delivery or in-store pick-up

Dad might be all about the Old Spice, but it’s time to shake up his scent rotation with something hipper and trendier. Instead of buying a large bottle of cologne he’ll shove to the back of his bathroom cabinet and swear to you that he wears, get him this sampler set so he can try different ones until he finds his new favorite. There are classic scents like Giorgio Armani Acqua di Gio and Ralph Lauren Polo Red, plus plenty of unique fragrances from brands like BVLGARI, Dolce & Gabbana and Kenneth Cole. Plus, the small bottles are perfect for popping into his travel toiletry kit.

For the Sneaker Head Dead

9. Nike Air Max 90 Sneakers


  • What We Like: available in lots of sizes, trendy
  • What We Don’t Like: limited colors
  • Shipping: standard shipping, pick-up available in select stores

All you need is dad’s shoe size and you can grab him one of the most coveted brands of kicks for his daily strolls through the park, gym sessions or, really, any of his everyday errands. Heck, he might even rock a pair of these with his suit while traveling or at the office. (Get them in black and no one will know his tootsies are super comfy!) The Waffle sole and Max Air cushioning will make them feel like pillows for his feet, so he’ll never want to take them off.

For the Dad With a Sweet Tooth

10. Cookie Of The Month By Little Red Kitchen Bake Shop


  • What We Like: tons of variety
  • What We Don’t Like: dad might devour them all
  • Shipping: 5-7 Business Days

Each month, he'll get a dozen cookies (or a single eight-inch cookie pie) in flavors like lemon sugar, caramel snickerdoodle and (but of course) chocolate chip. Each yummy batch is made fresh by a cult-favorite Brooklyn bakery. Every time he gets his box of baked treats in the mail, he’ll remember why you’re the favorite child. Choose from three-, six- or 12-month subscriptions.

For the Hot Sauce Loving Dad

11. Hot Ones Ten-Pack Hot Sauces


  • What We Like: for fans of the show, variety of heat levels
  • What We Don’t Like: he might want you to try them with him!
  • Shipping: next day with Amazon Prime

Hot Ones is a show tailor-made for spicy dads who think they can handle the heat better than their favorite celebrity can. “Those sauces can’t really be that hot,” he thinks to himself. Well, give him a chance to test his own taste bud strength with this variety pack that includes ten hot sauces that were featured on the popular series. He can cook up some wings and try them all, starting with the sweet heat sauces and working his way up to scorching. Don’t forget to break out the video camera to capture the memory, plus a jug of milk to soothe the burn.

For the Dad Who Has Everything

12. Bespoke Post Gift Card

bespoke post

  • What We Like: lots of options to suit every type of dad
  • What We Don’t Like: he needs to renew subscription
  • Shipping: gift card immediate, box takes 3–8 business days

Want maximum gifting in the time it takes to send an email? Buy a digital gift card to this gift subscription service, then forward it right to the worthy dad in an email. He can choose what he wants in his gift box, which might be an overnight bag, a cocktail set or a taco kit (complete with mortar and pestle for next-level guac). Each monthly box costs $49, and if your gift card covers more than a single month's fee, this will be a truly bespoke gift that keeps on giving.

For the Dad Who Loves to Golf

13. Icecoral Wood Golf Putting Green Mat


  • What We Like: foldable for easy transport and storage
  • What We Don’t Like: does dad need to spend even more time golfing?
  • Shipping: next day with Amazon Prime

If he's a part-time golfer, you'll have him at "auto ball return function." This green velvet putting mat reaches 120 inches when fully laid out but can be rolled up to fit in a closet. He can practice his putting at home from his own backyard and show the boys up at the next game. Heck, he might even want to go full corporate boss style and put one of these babies in his office—the sophisticated solid wood base might even match his desk.

For the Saucy Dad

14. Our Place Cast Iron Perfect Pot

our place

  • What We Like: easy to clean, multiple colors
  • What We Don’t Like: expensive
  • Shipping: 1-7 business days

If dad is known to whip up his famous chili or perfect pasta sauce every now and then, he will love this six-in-one multifunctional cast iron Dutch oven pot. The heat will distribute nicely while he cooks up a storm for the whole family (and at 5.5-quart capacity, there’s plenty of room for big meals). It’s also super easy to clean and dad doesn’t even need to season it when he’s done. Sign him up, stat!

For the TV Dad

15. Paramount Plus Subscription

paramount plus

  • What We Like: hours of entertainment
  • What We Don’t Like: will auto-renew
  • Shipping: immediate

Sometimes dads don't want to spring for yet another streaming subscription, but you can show him that he deserves access to the coolest programming around, from new hits like 1883 and Star Trek: Picard to NFL football and films like Jackass Forever. Want to really put a smile on dad’s face? Make a weekly or monthly standing date to watch a couple of programs together.

For the Outdoorsy Dad

16. Cliq Camping Chair


  • What We Like: collapses easily, lots of color options
  • What We Don’t Like: low to the ground
  • Shipping: next day with Amazon Prime

When he whips out this chair at a tailgate or on a camping trip, the other dads are going to be capital-J jealous. It’s easily collapsible, folding up to the size of a water bottle, so it’s great to keep in his car. And though it weighs less than four pounds, the 100 percent nylon seat can support a body weight of up to 300 pounds. Once ready to bring it out, he can set it up in just about five seconds, per the brand. It’s tip-proof, too, meaning dad can lean back while enjoying a cold beer and enjoy.

For the Vegan Dad

17. Four Orangutans Cutting Board


  • What We Like: nice for display, can use as a serving board 
  • What We Don’t Like: relatively small
  • Shipping: next day with Amazon Prime

The vegan dad with a good sense of humor will love this playful cutting board that is engraved with a hilarious statement about “murdering” vegetables. Of course, dad isn’t murdering anything when he’s whipping up a delicious cauliflower rice dish or pulled jackfruit for tacos. And that’s the whole point. Beyond its jokey nature, it’s made of 100 percent gorgeous acacia wood and features a solid reverse side, so he can use it for both preparing and serving all his favorite vegan delights.

For The Daughter Dad

18. "Like Father Like Daughter" Travel Mug


  • What We Like: fits in any standard cup holder
  • What We Don’t Like: letters may fade over time
  • Shipping: next day shipping with Amazon prime

Remind him that you're a chip off the old block with this 20-ounce travel tumbler, inscribed with an adorable message that will make him smile with every use. Made of stainless steel with double-wall vacuum insulation, it will keep his coffee or tea hot for up to three hours, and beer, water or soda cold for nine. It’ll be his go-to when he’s in the car, at the office or when he’s enjoying a cold drink on his back deck.

For the Dad Who Never Buys Himself New Clothes

19. Nike Volley Short Swim Trunk


  • What We Like: machine washable, different colors
  • What We Don’t Like: might be too shirt for taller dads
  • Shipping: next day with Amazon Prime

He’s had the same pair of swim trunks since approximately college, so it’s time for an upgrade. Treat him to this quick-drying pair from Nike that fits comfortably and has convenient pockets. The seven-inch leg is flattering on all types of dad bods while the drawstring closure and stretch waistband gives him some slack when he overindulges on burgers, fries and ice cream at the beach.

For the Dad Who Enjoys a Good Time

20. Crystal Clear Shot Glass Darts Bar Game


  • What We Like: magnetic darts are safe
  • What We Don’t Like: dart board is small
  • Shipping: next day with Amazon Prime

He’s such a good dad, he deserves to let loose every once in a while. Gift him this dart board drinking game and keep your promise to play with him every now and then. Don’t worry, it’s all magnetic so dad won’t be poking any eyes out. It comes with four shot glasses, each featuring a fun, dart-themed image. Make sure dad plays this one at home, though, so he doesn’t have to be the DD in case he loses.

For the Patriotic Dad

21. Chanasya Woven American Flag Throw


  • What We Like: different sizes available
  • What We Don’t Like: could stain easily
  • Shipping: 2 days with express shipping

Help dad show his love for his country with this soft and fluffy sherpa throw that features the American flag in all its patriotic glory. Made of 100 percent polyester and machine-washable to boot, the throw features the flag pattern on one side and is solid white on the other. Whether he’s cozying up for a nap on the couch, taking it to the park for a picnic or draping it over the loveseat, he’ll think of you whenever he sees (or uses!) it.

For the Couch Potato Dad

22. Hulu, Disney+ and Espn+ Bundle


  • What We Like: lots of shows, savings with the bundle
  • What We Don’t Like: recurring subscription
  • Shipping: immediate

Between these three platforms, he’ll be able to watch everything from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and The Mandalorian (along with virtually everything else in the Star Wars universe), to live sports games. You’ll save with this bundle and he can have access to a whole world of streaming. He’ll have his pick of the litter whether he’s in the mood for a kick-butt action movie, a hilarious sitcom or the big game.

  • What We Like: lots of variety
  • What We Don’t Like: mostly dry glazes
  • Shipping: next day with Amazon Prime

This set of three meat rubs and two grilling spices from specialty food company Urban Accents will help him earn the Grill Master title he’s been coveting. From Chicago steaks to a classic rub from Kansas City and a sweet and savory maple dry glaze, the selection will make his mouth water as soon as he opens it. He’ll be heading over to the grocery store to grab some meat and popping open the grill in record time to try them out.

For the Chill Dad

24. Bosmiller Massage Chair


  • What We Like: adds heat, charges your phone, three colors
  • What We Don’t Like: needs to be close to an outlet
  • Shipping: standard shipping, store pick-up available

Dad might work all day, but when it comes nighttime, or a rainy Sunday, he loves to laze around in front of the TV, remote in hand and the football game on. He can do this while soothing his aches and pains with a massage chair and this luxurious leather lounger adds heat along with vibration massage. He can even charge his phone, rest his coffee in the cup holder and keep his favorite book, tablet, magazine or Sudoku puzzles in the side pocket. He’ll have everything he needs for a relaxing night at his fingertips. 

For the Backyard Dad

25. Solo Stove Bonfire 2.0

solo stove

  • What We Like: totally smokeless, amazing reviews, easy to move around
  • What We Don’t Like: needs optional accessories to get the most out of it, requires wood
  • Shipping: approximately 7 days

Owners of this stainless steel outdoor stove sing its praises (including PureWow’s own editor-in-chief), and dad will love being able to set it up in the backyard for late-night ghost stories and S’mores. What’s so great about it is – are you ready for this? – it’s completely smokeless. The wood turns to ash you can dispose of easily, but there’s no annoying smoke to fly in someone’s face as the wind blows. Don’t ask how, but based on the tens of thousands of positive reviews, know that it just works. 

  • What We Like: easy to clean, can fit lots
  • What We Don’t Like: only comes in black
  • Shipping: standard shipping, in-store or curbside pick-up available same or next day

He can pack his razor, shaving cream, toothbrush, mini bottle of cologne and other grooming accessories in this impressively functional toiletry bag. It can both hang or sit flat on the bathroom counter and the ballistic nylon is easy to clean. There’s even extra space to bring home those hotel mini bottles of shampoo and conditioner he loves to collect. It sure beats the Ziplock bag he’s been using!

For the Tea Drinking Dad

27. Atlas Tea Club

atlas tea club

  • What We Like: lots of variety
  • What We Don’t Like: recurring subscription
  • Shipping: delivery every 4 weeks (so you might have to gift dad a print-out letting him know it’s coming!)

Every month he'll receive two new loose-leaf or decaffeinated tea blends along with  recyclable tea filters and notes about where the tea was harvested and how to best steep it. So, there's something for him to read as he relaxes, as well as some wanderlust material—a unique postcard from the tea’s place of origin. Do we sense a new favorite thing to collect?

For the Dad Who Deserves to Indulge

28. Sweet Choice Gifts Gift Basket


  • What We Like: lots of variety
  • What We Don’t Like: some unhealthy snacks
  • Shipping: next-day delivery with Amazon Prime

Maybe he has been on a health kick for the last year. Or maybe dad has his vices and they aren’t going to change. If one of those vices is snacking, and he loves sweet, sour, chewy, crunchy bites, why not get him a selection of it all? From Sour Patch Kids to Cheez-Its, Swedish Fish to beef jerky, this 50-pack gift box is chock full of goodies.It’s like Halloween night for grownups. 

For the Granddad

29. What I Love About You by Me Book

uncommon goods

  • What We Like: personalized gift
  • What We Don’t Like: requires some work before wrapping, small
  • Shipping: ships within 24 hours

Get this adorable hardcover book and have the kids add their favorite things about grandpa onto each page in the lines provided. There are pages that say things like “I love going to [blank] with you,” “I love how you [blank]” and so on. Going to the zoo? Tickling them or challenging them to a game of Snakes & Ladders? It’ll be a totally personalized gift and, as long as you order it in enough time for the kids to add their sentiments, dad will be tearing up as he reads through it. 

For the Beer Lover Dad

30. Oktobertfest Ale Beer Brewing Kit

uncommon goods

  • What We Like: comes with everything he needs
  • What We Don’t Like: dad might not like the flavor
  • Shipping: ships within 24 hours

Has dad expressed interest in trying to brew his own beer? He might love to crack open a bottle or can every now and then, but it’s a whole new experience to make your own. This cool kit includes everything he’ll need to get started, like malt extract, specialty grains, fresh hop pellets and yeast. Slightly bitter with a hint of caramel sweetness, the final result is one he’ll want to share with the guys. And since it includes a one gallon glass fermentor, which fills ten 12 oz. bottles, he’ll have enough to go around.

For the Napper Dad

31. Casper Original Pillow


  • What We Like: 30-day trial, designed for all sleep positions
  • What We Don’t Like: only comes with one, double pack expensive
  • Shipping: 2-3 business days

Whether he’s tucking in for the night or sneaking in a quick nap, dad will find the sweetest dreams with Casper’s top-rated OG pillow. Filled with super soft down alternative on the inside and covered with a breathable, 100 percent cotton weave on the outside, the pillow provides full neck and head support along with cooling comfort. It’s suitable for all types of sleepers, according to the brand, but he can try it for 30 nights and if he doesn’t like it, you can return it for free and get him something else.

For the Meat-Loving Dad

32. Carne Collective Campo Box


  • What We Like: grass-fed beef
  • What We Don’t Like: recurring cost, meat comes frozen
  • Shipping: within 24 hours every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday (receive a downloadable note for last-minute gifts)

Pasture-raised Argentinian beef from family-run farms is sent frozen to his home, and the selection of steaks, tenderloin tips and ground beef can be enjoyed (and dare we say grilled outdoors all summer) exactly how your giftee likes them. He’ll get a newly curated box every month, making this gift a carnivore’s dream.

For the New Dad

33. The Rad Dad Subscription Box


  • What We Like: 1- and 6-month box options available as well
  • What We Don’t Like: renews monthly if you don’t cancel
  • Shipping: 2 business days, order by June 13 for delivery by Father’s Day

New dads will appreciate a monthly box full of six to eight items for playing with baby during bath time, playtime and reading time. (Because, let’s face it, dads enjoy discovering new toys, too.) Send a three-month subscription to really have him bounding to the mailbox in anticipation. We’ll tell you a secret: There are items that are also exclusively for dad, like sauces and rubs for his steak dinners as well as other “dad swag.” 

For the Hip Dad

34. Max Subscription


  • What We Like: keeps dad hip to all the new shows
  • What We Don’t Like: need the highest tier option for 4K, recurring cost
  • Shipping: immediate

Make him a part of the cultural conversation by gifting him a subscription to Max, formerly known as HBO Max, so he can stream all HBO programming, plus a collection of classic TV favorites, blockbuster movies and new Max Originals. From The Last of Us to House of the Dragon, Succession and The Sopranos, he’ll have access to so many titles to catch up on. He can also upgrade to the higher-tier option with access to 4K content.

For The Artsy Dad

35. Samsung The Frame Smart TV


  • What We Like: gorgeous picture, both on and off
  • What We Don’t Like: expensive gift, set-up required
  • Shipping: next day with Amazon prime

You'll love exclaiming to dad, Oprah-style, "You’re getting a new TV for the family room, with a brilliant screen, 4K resolution and voice assistant functionality!" Of course, you don't need to tell him that this TV's slim profile, that looks like a framed piece of art when no one's watching it—complete with customizable art display and matting options to match the decor—is as much for the rest of the household's aesthetic benefit as it is for his. Win-win, right?

For the Environmentally Conscious Dad

36. Misfits Market

misfits market

  • What We Like: prevents food waste
  • What We Don’t Like: ongoing weekly deliveries
  • Shipping: you select the delivery day

Does the man in your life like to cook? Is he eco-minded? Or perhaps he just enjoys a good snack? He'll appreciate a box from this delivery service that sources fresh organic produce that's a little too odd-looking or -shaped to sell at traditional markets (i.e., the stuff that's usually thrown away). Misfits Market passes these still perfectly yummy finds to consumers at reduced cost, along with plenty of other sustainably sourced grocery essentials. To make the gift extra-special, add some of the pantry staples you know he loves like coffee, granola and gourmet chocolate when you send.

For the Dad Who Collects Family Photos

37. Heirloom Video Book

send heirloom

  • What We Like: international shipping available, easily upload videos
  • What We Don’t Like: add $5 (or more) for shipping
  • Shipping: ships within 24 hours, expedited shipping available

Dads with grandkids revel over the chance to not only see them but to look at photos and videos of them. Chances are dad is creeping your Facebook profile to see what’s new more often than you realize. This video book kicks the traditional photo album up a notch by featuring digital videos that play on each page as he opens it. It features a 5-inch screen and you can load ten to 20 minutes of video footage. Dad will be showing all his friends his cool gift and boasting about his little slugger grandson, dancing queen granddaughter and all his grandkids’ biggest milestones. 

For the Music Loving Dad

38. Sony Wireless Noise-Canceling Headphones

best buy

  • What We Like: premium sound, long battery life
  • What We Don’t Like: expensive
  • Shipping: next-day shipping, in-store pick-up options

Dad can sit back and relax as he totally immerses himself in his favorite playlist. Whether he’s into jazz, classical, heavy metal, hip hop or today’s top 40 tunes, he’ll love being able to shut out all the noise around him and just listen using these high-end noise-canceling headphones. The wireless design means he’s free to roam while listening to tunes or his go-to podcast. With up to 30-hour battery life, they can easily get him through a long flight, too.

For the Dad Who Takes Pride In His Lawn

39. Lawnbright Subscription


  • What We Like: customized plans, text and phone guidance
  • What We Don’t Like: takes a while before he gets his first box
  • Shipping: every 8 weeks

Is dad the type to obsess over his lawn? Rate the current state of it, with answers like “my lawn looks great!” or “lots o’ weeds!” and you’ll get a free soil test kit to gift to dad. From there, he’ll get his own custom lawn care plan. Every 8 weeks, he’ll receive a box of natural and organic products, and all he needs to do is follow the plan. Don’t ask why: It’s all turf science. Before he knows it, dad’s curb appeal game will be on point and the nosy neighbor will be asking what his secret is for having the freshest, greenest lawn on the block.

For the Runner Dad

40. Garmin Forerunner 245 GPS Smartwatch

best buy

  • What We Like: features specific for runners, compatible with iPhone and Android
  • What We Don’t Like: using GPS drastically impacts battery life
  • Shipping: standard shipping

Maybe he just finished his first 5K and is now aiming for a 10K, or maybe he just simply loves running every morning to get his day started right. Whatever the case, a dad who runs is a dad who loves to keep track of his stats. This smartwatch has features designed specifically for runners, including GPS capabilities, performance monitoring and multiple sport activity modes to indicate whether he’s running on a treadmill or terrain. It even comes with access to a virtual Garmin Coach that creates custom training plans to help him reach his goals. Don’t forget to cheer him on from the sidelines!

For the Nostalgic Dad

41. The Landmark Project Smokey Bear Logo Long Sleeve Tee

the landmark project

  • What We Like: proceeds donated to help prevent wildfires
  • What We Don’t Like: special care instructions
  • Shipping: 1-3 business days

What dad doesn’t love and remember Smokey the Bear from his childhood? The favorite mascot of America who speaks out on the importance of preventing wildfires celebrates his 79th birthday this summer. Dad will love sporting the icon on his chest. But he’ll especially appreciate the fact that for every shirt purchased, The Landmark Project donates ten percent of the proceeds to the U.S. Forest Service for wildfire prevention education. 

For the Dad Who Loves Gadgets

42. Soofun Multitool Pen


  • What We Like: comes with two ink refills
  • What We Don’t Like: more like an add-on gift
  • Shipping: next day with Amazon Prime

This isn’t just your garden variety pen. Inside, it has tons of cool tools that’ll make dad  feel like James Bond. It has a telescopic head with a magnetic end that can extend up to 22 inches (ahem, to grab the keys when they fall between the car seat and the center console) along with a built-in light, standard and metric ruler and pocket clip. Oh, and it’s also just a great ink-based pen to keep in his pocket for whenever he needs to jot something down.

For the Beach Dad

43. Tommy Bahama Folding Beach Chair


  • What We Like: adjusts into five positions, easy to carry
  • What We Don’t Like: low to the ground
  • Shipping: next day with Amazon Prime

Give dad all the bells and whistles for when he’s lounging beachside, because he's worth it. This essential beach chair boasts a cell phone pocket, a pillow, pinch-free seat positioning, a beverage holder and backpack straps to make carrying it a snap. There’s even a storage pouch for his beach towel and other accessories. It also adjusts to five positions, so he can sit up to read or lay flat back when he’s ready for a nap. The bright red and blue stripes scream summer, as a bonus.

For the Work-Tripping Dad

44. Thule Aion Spinner Carry-On


  • What We Like: durable, comes with packing cube
  • What We Don’t Like: some reviewers don’t like the handle
  • Shipping: standard shipping, in-store pick-up available

If he’s always on the move for work, dad will love traveling in style with this convenient carry-on, made of 100 percent recycled polyester. It has a removable packing cube to optimize packing space, a zip pocket in the front for easy access to his phone, passport, keys and wallet, along with water-resistant lining to boot. The durable exterior can take a beating while the back panel is hard and tough to withstand the rigors of travel. 

For the Dad Whose Pressed for Time

45. Instant Pot Duo 7-in-1 Cooker


  • What We Like: cook a multitude of ways, saves time
  • What We Don’t Like: slight learning curve, older model
  • Shipping: next day with Amazon Prime

This is seven appliances in one: an electric pressure cooker, rice cooker, slow cooker, yogurt maker, steamer, sauté pan and food warmer. (So, if there's anything that's going to wean him off his takeout dependency, this is the device.) He can whip up a batch of homemade mac and cheese, bake potatoes, slow cook flank steak or even steam dumplings in this versatile, stainless steel pot, one of the most used, if not the most used, small appliances in my own kitchen. Choose between three-, six- and eight-quart options for the size that’s best for his cooking needs.

For the Meat Lover Dad

46. Central BBQ Ribs And Pulled Pork For 8

gold belly

  • What We Like: you can choose the level of heat, kind of rub and even add a T-shirt
  • What We Don’t Like: only good for big families
  • Shipping: 3-5 business days

Show the paterfamilia you really know what he loves by gifting him a ready-to-eat spread of Memphis-style barbecue with pre-cooked dry-rubbed pork (pulled and ribs), a bottle of sauce and a jar of rub. When all the kids come over for a backyard grill day, all everyone's going to be talking about is how your gift is the way to Dad's heart (via, of course, his stomach).

For the Dad Who Longs for Italy

47. Bona Furtuna Subscription Box

Bona Furtuna

  • What We Like: authentic Italian cuisine, different subscription options
  • What We Don’t Like: options subject to change week-to-week
  • Shipping: about a week

Whether he has Italian roots or just enjoys binging reruns of The Godfather on TV while mangia-ing on some pasta, spoil him with a recurring subscription of yummy, Italy-inspired edible gift sets. At the time of this writing, they contain the finest Sicilian gourmet pasta, like squid ink spaghetti, as well as antipasti, seasonings and more. Top off the meal with yet another course of bites, like stuffed peppers. Suggest that you join dad in cooking it all up for a family dinner, Italian-style.

For the Active Dad

48. Samsung Galaxy Watch Active


  • What We Like: keeps dad on his toes
  • What We Don’t Like: outdated model, refurbished
  • Shipping: next day with Amazon Prime

The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active will allow him to view his workout performance and heart rate for over 40 different types of exercises, as well as his sleep stats, so his muscles can recover faster. If he has a Samsung Galaxy smartphone, it’s the perfect companion (it does work with other Android phones, but he’ll get the most out of it with a Samsung phone). The lightweight and durable band is adjustable to ensure the perfect fit, and it can be changed out for different colors.

For the Dad Who Needs To Relax

49. Outsunny Patio Wicker Lounge Chair


  • What We Like: five adjustable backrest levels, comes on wheels
  • What We Don’t Like: assembly required
  • Shipping: ships in 2 business days

Dad will dream of taking a load off in this chaise lounge chair (complete with cushions) that he can place on the back deck, by the pool or even in the grass when he wants to catch some sun. The two back wheels make it easy for him to move it around and position as he pleases, while the durable steel frame adjusts to five different positions, so he can enjoy an afternoon siesta or sit upright to play around on his tablet. All he needs is a side table to rest his cocktail and he’ll be good to go.

For the Computer Nerd Dad

50. Ocushield Anti Blue Light Glasses


  • What We Like: comes with a case
  • What We Don’t Like: he can’t wear them over prescription glasses
  • Shipping: next day with Amazon Prime

Blue light filtering has been shown to improve sleep and reduce eye strain in our screen-facing population. These classically styled glasses have anti-fog and anti-smudge lenses and come in tortoise, shiny black and clear white frames. If dad’s always staring at his computer screen, he’ll appreciate a pair of these opticals to keep his peepers looking (and seeing) good.

The 45 Best Father’s Day Crafts for Kids

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