The 48 Best Father’s Day Crafts for Kids

From picture frames to personalized spatulas

Mothers just had their day in the sun (or at the spa, what have you), which means that it’s time for fathers to be showered with affection and appreciation. Yep, Father’s Day is fast approaching…and when it comes to finding the perfect present, your kid’s allowance isn’t going to cut it and some gifting is required to round out the itinerary of Father’s Day activities you have planned. Fortunately it’s the thought that counts and homemade is where the heart is. Without further ado, here’s a roundup of the best Father’s Day crafts for kids that includes simple cut-and-paste projects for toddlers that actually turn out looking good, slightly more ambitious undertakings for tweens (think: homemade trophy) and even sentimental art projects that dads and kids can do together. Read on and then gather your brood to make something meaningful.

The Best Gifts for Father’s Day

1. Dad String Art Sign

A free template makes this one a breeze—but if your kid can’t be trusted with a hammer, you might have to set up the craft and leave them to do the stringing. (That’s the fun part, anyway.)

2. Father’s Day Shark Card Craft

This Baby Shark-inspired card is undeniably adorable and easy enough for a preschooler to make—just don’t blame us if you’re forced to listen to the song throughout the entire crafting process.

3. DIY Acorn Marble Pendant Necklace

A scavenger hunt for acorn caps is an extra fun feature of this craft, which yields a pretty cool piece of wearable art that looks as good dangling from a rearview mirror as it does around the neck.

4. Father’s Day Constellation Craft

Kids of all ages will get a kick out of the splatter painting technique used to make these cards—and let’s just say the finished product is out of this world.

5. Tissue Paper Picture Frame

This kid-friendly process art project involves transforming a snoozy picture frame into an abstract melange of color with nothing more than Mod Podge and tissue paper.

6. Bear Card Craft

This exceedingly simple cut-and-paste craft is just right for the pre-K set and the finished product is sure to give Papa Bear all the feels this Father’s Day.

7. Father’s Day Puzzle Cards

Any little kid will tell you that there’s nothing more satisfying than making a card and then cutting it into pieces (and this time the penchant for destruction has a happy ending).

8. ‘You Rock’ Wooden Box

A literal interpretation of a positive affirmation every father deserves to hear, conveyed on a storage box every father can make use of.

9. Homemade Old Bay BBQ Sauce

Hand a tween this recipe and send ‘em to the kitchen to whip up a Father’s Day gift that every grill master is sure to appreciate.

10. ‘Dad Rocks’ Paperweight

This hands-on salt dough project is an excellent way to get your kid to put his growing collection of gravel and rocks to good use.

11. DIY Glass Photo Magnets

The finished product looks so fancy and cool, you’d never believe a preschooler with moderately decent scissor skills could do it…all but the hot glue gun part, at least.

12. Personalized Necktie Craft

There’s no wrong way to decorate these easy-to-make neckties—just hand your kid some felt pens and let them go to town.

13. Hand and Thumbprint Keepsake Art

This craft, inspired by the beloved book The Kissing Hand, results in a very sentimental piece of keepsake art that dads and little ones worked together to create.

14. DIY Father’s Day Trophy

This trophy is a little too complicated for the youngest kids to pull off—there’s a hot glue gun and spray paint involved—but an older kid can tackle it with a little help, and the finished product is definitely a winner.

15. DIY Sharpie Mustache Mug

A dollar store mug and a sharpie are all you need to make a gift that dads would pay good money for.

16. Toilet Roll Father’s Day Cards

No roundup of kid-friendly crafts would be complete without a toilet roll craft. This particular one is both highly customizable and blessedly easy, so kids can really let creativity be their guide.

17. Father’s Day BBQ Card

A personalized message in a handmade card that’s shaped like one of the BBQ king’s favorite things. Need we say more?

18. DIY Father’s Day Gift Bag

The free template provided here makes it easy for kids of all ages to give an ordinary paper bag a very sharp new look—just don’t forget to fill it with all dad’s favorite goodies when the craft is complete.

19. Customizable Father’s Day Portrait

Hand your little Picasso a pair of scissors and a stack of cardstock and the rest will take care of itself.

20. I Love You to Pieces Picture Frame

Letter beads, puzzle pieces and some glue are the only materials needed for kids to turn a plain wooden frame into a memorable Father’s Day gift. (Pro tip: Feel free to snag some of the materials from your kid’s existing collection of incomplete puzzles.)

21. Fingerprint Daddy & Me Coffee Mug

The youngest ones may only be able to contribute a thumbprint here, but a kid with more developed fine motor skills can add the finer details, too. Either way, the end result is a sweet keepsake with a lovely design.

22. Boot Print Poem Card

Is there anything more exciting for a kid than being told they can steal a boot from their dad’s closet and smear paint all over the bottom? We think not. (But make sure to use the washable kind and maybe take the activity outdoors to avoid one of those pull-your-hair-out painting fiascos that I’ve definitely experienced with my kids.)

23. Wallpaper Handprint Picture

Wallpaper is the surprising and very cool medium used to create this visually appealing and easy to accomplish work of art—but we think strips of fabric, colorful cardstock or any number of other materials could work if you don’t have any wallpaper lying around.

24. Paper Bag DIY Father’s Day Book

With a little guidance, even the youngest kids can get in on this craft, which involves using basic scrapbook materials and a paper lunch bag to create a DIY photo album that’s sure to make dad misty-eyed.

25. DIY Comic Book Coasters

Comic books and Mod Podge come together to make a gift for Superdad that pairs perfectly with a cold one.

26. Father’s Day Doodle Card

Any kid that’s old enough to color within the lines can use the free printable here to craft a decidedly attractive Father’s Day card.

27. Painted Hammer with Monogram

Kids of all ages can add some flair to the resident handyman’s tools with nothing more than a selection of paints—though we probably don’t need to tell you that the older the child, the prettier the finished product. (So you might consider getting dad in on the craft.)

28. Father’s Day Lollipop Prize Ribbons

This craft is better-suited to slightly older kids, since the process requires quite a bit of precision and some equipment that’s best kept away from little kids (think: X-Acto knife and hot glue gun). Still, with a little help from a grown-up, these colorful and eye-catching ribbons will look good enough to eat.

29. Fingerprint Art Keychains

Kids will have so much fun turning a simple fingerprint into something more that you’ll probably end up with enough keychains for the next ten Father’s Days. (Psst: This is another one that’s great for dads and kids to do together.)

30. Father’s Day Remote Control Cookie

The hardest part about this very impressive looking and deceptively simple edible craft is preventing your kid from eating the gift.

31. DIY Paper Airplane Garland

Grab a tween and start turning maps into paper airplanes to create a garland that looks good enough to be hung up year round.

32. Footprint Rocket

The cutest pre-K craft you ever did see—and the best part is they can do every step (pun intended) of the process themselves.

33. DIY Guitar Picks

Yep, there are even Father’s Day crafts for dads who are also (aspiring) rock stars.

34. Printable Father’s Day Coloring Card

Cardmaking with kids couldn’t be easier thanks to this printable craft, which features a fill in the blank message where grade schoolers can show off their writing skills, plus a simple but sweet coloring page on the front.

35. Easy Pop-Up Father’s Day Card

The assembly of these nifty pop-up cards is likely to be difficult for really little kids to manage, but older kids can pull it off without too much trouble (whilst showing off their wit with the personalized message, too). File this one under tween-friendly Father’s Day crafts.

36. Handprint Father’s Day Art

The process is hands-on (literally) and the finished portrait is sure to be downright adorable.

37. Father’s Day Flying Super Dad Craft

This time it’s a printable template that saves the day…but neither the kid nor the superhero in his life will complain because the finished craft is just that cool.

38. Family Paper Weight Craft

Here, a rock painting project that will bring plenty of personality and a dose of familial love to dad’s boring office space.

39. Salt Painting Father’s Day Art

The fact that the finished product promises to inspire pride is just the icing on the cake, since this salt painting craft is such a sensory delight that kids of all ages will enjoy the process to no end.

40. Colored Golf Balls

Some golf balls, a colorful selection of Sharpies and lots of scribbling is all that’s required to craft a gift that will win dad extra points for style when he’s on the putting green.

41. DIY Father’s Day Handprint T-Shirt

Father’s Day crafts tend to get lost in the clutter, but a wearable work of art will surely stick around. Get the whole brood in on this one because…aww.

42. Personalized Spatula

Is the dad in question more of a kitchen whiz than a handyman? No problem—just have your kid paint a spatula instead of a hammer. Of all the Father’s Day crafts, this one is sure to make dad feel understood.

43. Monster Hug Father’s Day Card

We saw into the future and your preschooler is about to launch a love attack with one of these whimsical and quirky Father’s Day cards as his weapon.

44. Craft Stick Photo Frame

The popsicle stick frame itself couldn’t be easier to make—and once assembly is complete, kids can have free reign to decorate it however they see fit. (So be sure to provide an array of craft supplies for that purpose.) When it comes to budget-friendly Father’s Day crafts, this one is guaranteed to make his heart swell.

45. Rocket Ship Father’s Day Craft

If you’re looking for a sweet and simple cut-and-paste craft for toddlers and preschoolers that boasts impressive results, this one fits the bill.

fathers-day-crafts: A blue father's day card featuring a Super Man motif using the words Dad in red letters in the red and yellow Super Man logo. The card is on a light blue background. There is a line of black text featuring the name of the website this craft comes from.
Meaningful Mama

46. ‘Super Dad’ Father’s Day Card

A free printable makes this impressive card easy to pull off with little more than tracing and pasting once the stencil has been cut out. (Parents will want to handle the X-Acto knife step, obviously.) The end result is a gift shop-worthy card that basically guarantees a Hallmark moment.

fathers-day-crafts: A colorful mug with star decorations and letters that spell out DAD. It sits on a light wooden surface. There are markers in the background. There is black text at the top of the image that says Kid-Made Scribble Mug.
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47. Father’s Day Scribble Mug

Crafting with toddlers can yield mixed results, to put it gently. This genius idea, however, is completely foolproof as it relies on nothing more than your child’s love of scribbling to create something that actually looks good.

fathers-day-crafts: A paper cutout in the shape of the word DAD. It is covered in a number of personal photographs. It sits in front of a dark wood background.
Parenting Chaos

48. Juice Box Father’s Day Frame

You need little more than a juicebox loving kid and some paints to create this vibrant, upcycled picture frame. You just might want to supervise younger ones with a less developed appreciation for aesthetics, lest the enthusiastic color mixing go the way of poopy brown.

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