30 Bright and Cheerful Flower Crafts

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Spring is in the air (well, almost) and we can’t wait to waltz through fields of wildflowers and frolic in the woods in search of fairies. OK, just kidding—we’ll settle for some milder weather and a new crop of seasonal crafts we can enjoy with our kids. Without further ado, here’s a roundup of flower crafts that promise to delight toddlers, adults and everyone in between.

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1. Flower Pots with Fabric

These nifty flowerpots boast an adorable flamingo pattern, but you can spring for a different design if you choose. Either way, the end result is a bold new look for a Terracotta pot, and all you need is mod podge and fabric to make it happen.

2. Paper Flower Wreath

The humble toilet paper tube is a mainstay of kiddie art projects, and it turns out this not so glamorous craft supply can be repurposed for decidedly sophisticated decor, too. Case in point, this dainty and eye-pleasing floral wreath—made entirely from (you guessed it) the bones of the bathroom staple. You’ll need 15 to 20 empty tubes, plus a can of spray paint to achieve a classier finish. (So grown-ups, do the painting, and let your kid help with the assembly).

3. Boho Flower Wall Hanging made from Egg Cartons

Here, another seriously impressive decorative item made from recycled material. Believe it or not, this lovely wall hanging is merely a collection of cut up and painted egg cartons strung on twine that a grade schooler could accomplish. As for the finished product—it boasts an ethereal boho aesthetic that could fetch big bucks at, say, Anthropologie.

4. Handprint Sunflower

If you’ve got a preschooler under your roof, grab some scrap paper, cardstock and a popsicle stick and get started on this exceedingly easy and kid-friendly craft. Trace, cut, paste and ta-da—a sweet keepsake that your kid can take credit for and you both will cherish.

5. Egg Carton Flowers

These cheerful egg carton flowers are cute as a button—you’ll need some of those—and a bouquet of ‘em makes a perfect gift for a teacher or loved one. Plus, both the crafting process and the materials required are basic enough that little kids can pull this one off with just a tiny bit of help and slightly older children can certainly fly solo.

6. Marshmallow Flower Spring Centerpiece

Make good use of all that Easter candy with this edible craft, which yields a paste-colored bouquet of yumminess that looks delightful on display—provided you can prevent your tot from tasting the finished product, that is.

7. Borax Crystal Flowers

Fresh-cut flowers add a certain je ne sais quoi to any room…for a couple days until they wither and die, at least. These borax crystal flowers, on the other hand, are every bit as beautiful and far more resilient. Best of all, there’s an educational STEAM experience that kids of all ages can benefit from built into this craft.

8. Crepe Paper Flowers with Candy Centers

Jellybeans, robin’s eggs, peanut butter cups, or pretty much any small to medium sized treat from your Easter candy surplus can be used for this crepe paper project. Plus, even young children can participate at all but the hot glue gun stage of the process and, unlike some other kiddie crafts, the finished flowers are pretty enough to be proudly displayed.

9. Paper Poinsettia Flowers

If you were under the impression that poinsettias only have a place in festive Christmas displays, think again. Easy to make with the help of a Cricut machine and a slightly older kid—these pastel-pink, crepe paper beauties are guaranteed to become a year round favorite.

10. Flower Lei Necklace

Fine motor skills get a major boost from this jewelry-making craft, which involves nothing more than stringing beads and pre-cut felt flowers on a cord. Blessedly easy and plenty entertaining to make, this playful piece of wearable art is a winner on all counts.

11. Black-Eyed Susan Pom Flowers

The iffy name notwithstanding, we’re suckers for a cheery bouquet of black-eyed Susans. This faux version of the beloved flower is a cinch to make from felt and pom poms. That said, a hot glue gun and a bit of precision is required, so you’re best off crafting this one with a slightly older grade schooler with strong scissor skills.

12. How to Make Pressed Flower Bookmarks

It’s hard not to swoon for the vintage romance of pressed flowers. Don’t believe us? Try out this surprisingly straightforward and undeniably cool, kid-friendly craft with your young bookworm and you’ll see what we mean.

13. Easy Tissue Paper Flowers

Colorful tissue paper will do the trick, but we’re fans of using watercolor paints and coffee filters instead for a more creative process that yields a uniquely dyed and intricately layered paper flower. Psst: There’s no hot glue gun here, so kids of all ages can have at it.

14. Rapunzel Wig

Delicate silk flowers and sparkly rhinestones adorn this braided yarn headpiece—a special addition to a dress-up collection that’s sure to get a little extra love on account of the fact that your child helped you make it.

15. DIY Paper Doily Flowers

Yet another paper craft that yields impressive results—this one calls for colorful, heart-shaped doilies to create an extra precious bouquet of flowers. Let’s just say these ones are lacy, lovely and just dying to be gifted to grandma.

16. Rustic Letters with Flowers

Customizable and oh-so pretty, this floral wall sign promises to add a little personal flair to any bedroom—just scoop up some carved wood letters and faux flowers from your local craft store, hand over the hot glue gun and let your tween or teen take care of the rest.

17. Flower Top Trinket Box

Hand your child a heart-shaped cardboard trinket box to paint; then, stick a large, statement-making peony on top and the end result will inspire oohs and aahs, regardless of the age and artistic talent of its creator. File this one under ‘foolproof crafts for kids.’

18. Felt Flower Ring

This one is better-suited to the more advanced crafting crowd, but if you know a teen with creative talent and too-cool-for-school style, the task of handcrafting a black dahlia-esque ring will be well worth the effort.

19. DIY Burlap Flowers

Part flower, part starburst—this stunning wreath can be used to frame a small mirror or simply hung on its own for eye-catching wall (or door) decor. Better still, it’s a no-sew project that a tween and teen can tackle with only a few inexpensive materials and a hot glue gun.

20. Easy Yarn Wrapped Flowers Craft

With a ball of colorful yarn and a bit of acrylic paint, your preschooler can transform a craft stick and cardboard cut-out into a ridiculously cute tulip, whilst building fine motor skills in the process.

21. Easy Paper Flowers

These pinwheel flowers are picture perfect and a total breeze to make—just be sure to stock up on an array of patterned scrapbook paper before you get started, so little ones can play with aesthetics and flex those creative muscles.

22. Spring Washi Tape Popsicle Stick Flowers

In case you missed it, washi tape is an eye-pleasing craft room workhorse that can be used to make mess-free, artistic magic happen. (See how it performs here with popsicle sticks?)

23. Pressed Flower Cards

It’s hard to beat a craft that begins with flower-picking on a beautiful spring day. Bring home all the treasure from your nature walk and then sit down with your child and some scrapbook materials to make a collection of greeting cards that puts Hallmark to shame.

24. Cupcake Liner Flowers

A snip-snip here, a snip-snip there: Hand your little kid a pair of scissors, a pack of cupcake liners and a stack of colored paper for some fine motor practice and a creative project that’s destined for a spot on the fridge. And yes, there’s a free template for this one—but the craft is so straightforward, we kind of doubt you’ll need it.

25. Spring Wallflowers Sign

Another wall sign craft with major tween and teen appeal—this ornate decorative piece boasts a personalized message and a boatload of flowers. The best part, though, is the creative and pleasantly meditative process (a la flower arranging) of carefully gluing all the blooms in place.

26. Egg Carton Daffodils

In case you missed it, drab egg cartons are actually just flowers yet to bloom. Here, the recycling bin staple gets dressed up with nothing more than some acrylic paint and a plastic drinking straw to create a sunny daffodil that will charm your little kid (and stand up to the heavy petting much better than any fresh flower could).

27. Clothespin Flowers

Clothespins make for cute and blessedly sturdy stems for these cardstock flowers, which little kids can easily assemble using but a few craft room staples. If you’re looking for a hands-on craft that’s genuinely hard to screw up, this one fits the bill.

28. Seed Packet Decoupage Clay Pots

Here, a decoupage project that makes use of seed packet scraps (the ones you bought for your real garden) and mod podge to make an irresistibly charming flower pot that can be filled with raffia for paper blooms or soil for the real deal.

29. Coffee Filter Peonies Flowers

Floral wire, tape and home-dyed coffee filters are all you need to craft a beautifully full, paper peony bouquet. This one is easy enough for a kid to do (perhaps with a little assistance) and sophisticated enough to be table decor at a wedding.

30. Clay Petal Planter

Another pot that takes inspiration from flowers in full-bloom (and houses them, too)—this project relies on the use of carefully molded and oh-so colorful polymer clay to transform a snoozy terracotta number into something truly unique. There’s nothing particularly challenging about this craft, but you’ll probably see more Pinterest-worthy results if you tackle it with an older kid or teen.

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