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Freddie Mercury, Grace Coddington, Ernest Hemingway, Karl Lagerfeld—what do these famous folks have in common? They were or are obsessed with their cats. So your friend who considers her cat her BFF (no offense to you) is in excellent company. And while she likely already owns a few hundred handful of kitty-themed items, we’re willing to bet she wouldn’t mind getting one or two more. Here are some gifts for cat lovers that are absolutely purr-fect.

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Help them decorate their new home with a gorgeous print both they and Clawdia Sniffer can appreciate. U.K.-based artist Jo Chambers cites her grandmother’s eclectic home as her inspiration for her works, giving this print a bit of a vintage vibe.

Buy it ($148)

Happy Socks

2. Happy Socks Cat Presents Cracker

Socks, while a wonderfully practical gift to give, aren’t exactly fun or exciting to unwrap. But these vibrant kitty-print socks, paired with a retro-inspired cracker you pull open with a bang, take the experience to a whole other level of joy.

Buy it ($16)


3. Charlotte Olympia Kitty Slippers

Upgrade her classic black flats with this designer pair inspired by vintage Hollywood glamour and, of course, the natural elegance of a feline friend.

Buy it ($415)

Williams Sonoma Home

4. Williams Sonoma Home Kalden Tiger Printed Organic Sham

So they can wake up with that big-cat energy every single day. Bonus: This pillowcase is made from 200-thread-count organic cotton percale, giving it that perfect balance between soft and crisp we all crave in our bedding.

Buy it ($69 $48)


5. Pipsticks+Workman 17-Month Personal Planner

The best planner is one you actually want to use, so why not gift one with a cover that’s right on theme? As for the inside, there are thoughtful prompt pages to inspire her at the start of every month, as well as more than 500 stickers for her to truly customize to her heart’s content.

Buy it ($20)


6. Kate Spade New York Cat Umbrella

Buying yourself a nice, high-quality umbrella is the kind of adult purchase few of us are ever in the mood to make, so why not do it for her? This black cat version, complete with ears, is sure to brighten even the gloomiest days.

Buy it ($42)


7. Paul & Joe Sister Cascadeur Sweater

Is that a cat in your pocket or are you just happy to see me? Everyone could use a classic navy-and-white striped knit, but your girlfriend will be particularly thrilled to wear this cheeky variation on the classic.

Buy it ($225 $158)

Available in sizes XS to XL


8. Eufy Boost IQ Robovac

Ask any pet owner with a cat, dog or otherwise and they will tell you there’s no better home gift than a pet-hair vacuum. Plus, a quiet RoboVac is less likely to frighten unsuspecting four-leggers and might even inspire a new game.

Buy it ($240) 

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Unfortunate Portrait

9. Unfortunate Portrait Tom Cats T-Shirt

Cruise, Brady, Hanks, Petty, Hardy—the gang’s all here! This up-and-coming pun-centric brand has already attracted famous fans like Ruby Rose, Elle Fanning and Kate Bosworth.

Buy it ($78)

Available in sizes XS to L


10. Catit Bench Scratcher with Catnip

Treat Princess Buttercup like a true royal with this catnip-infused scratcher that looks like an elegant chaise lounge.

Buy it ($8)


11. Meowingtons Christmas Catnip Candy Toy

Humans indulge in our own sweets over the holidays, so why shouldn’t Bartholomeow have some festive treats of his very own? These in particular are filled with fresh, high-quality catnip so you know he’ll really enjoy himself.

Buy it ($22 $15)

Crown & Paw

12. Crown & Paw “The Ambassador” Custom Pet Canvas

What better way to honor their fluffy friend than with a regal personalized portrait that really gets at their kitty’s soul and can be proudly displayed in their entryway?

Buy it (starting at $60)


13. ModCloth Paws-itivley Growing Cat Planter

If you plan to include a plant as well, just make sure it’s a cat-friendly one like hibiscus or roses.

Buy it ($15)


14. Ginger Fox Chaos Cat Card Swapping Game

Get the whole cat-loving family involved with this pun-filled card game intended for ages 8 and up.

Buy it ($13)


15. Meowingtons Cat Face Massager

Not entirely sure how this thing is supposed to work? Watch the accompanying how-to video and prepare to laugh, smile and add to cart.

Buy it ($20 $14) 

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