15 Random but Useful Things Cat Owners Swear By

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Cats are such wonderful little weirdos. So it stands to reason that there would also be a slew of cat-focused products that feel equally odd yet delightful. These random but useful items go beyond your typical self-cleaning litter boxes or litter that changes color based on your kitty’s health—we’re talking plaque-fighting water drops, ramps that double as scratching posts and multiple ways to finally remove all the cat hair from every surface in your home. Whether you’re shopping for your own feline or a friend and her new bundle of foster kittens, these are the 15 best cat-centric items to add to cart ASAP.

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oxyfresh water additive random but useful cat things

1. oxyfresh Premium Pet Dental Care Solution Water Additive

If your kitty is suffering from poor oral hygiene, your vet may recommend attempting to brush your cat’s teeth. And it will likely go about as well as you imagine. If that happens, try these flavorless drops that go right into her water bowl to help fight bacteria and improve the health of her mouth and teeth.

furzapper random but useful cat things

2. furzapper Cat Hair Collection Tool

These handy little paw-shaped gadgets gently attract pet hair from fabric surfaces like you couch or winter coat. But our favorite way to use these reusable FurZappers is to toss one into your dryer and let it do all the work for you—your clothes will come out free of cat hair.

litter mat random but useful cat things

3. pieviev Cat Litter Mat

This innovative mat is great for the messy kitty who tends to spill their litter outside of the box. It’s designed to allow stray litter to fall right through the mesh top so you can easily pour it right back into the litter box or trash, no vacuuming or sweeping required.

catperson food bowl random but useful cat things
Cat Person

4. cat Person Mesa Bowl

This artsy food bowl is designed to be the perfect height for Snowball so she won’t strain her neck or whiskers while she’s eating. Plus, you can toss it in with your regular dishes whenever you need to. (It doesn’t hurt that it’s incredibly chic, too.)

bserene cat treats random but useful cat things

5. bserene Calming Chews

Poor Tigger doesn’t do so well traveling to the vet, but these calming chews should help him feel less stressed. The formula also comes in a spray and as a diffuser if you’ve got a high-strung cat who could use a little relaxation help on the regular.

retractable fur brush random but useful cat things

6. hertzko Self-cleaning Slicker Brush

This nifty grooming brush has retractable bristles so you can easily toss all those loose hairs right in the trash and not spend time picking them out of your brush. There’s also a sensitive skin version for cats who need a little extra TLC.

alpha paw scartchy ramp random but useful cat things

7. alpha Paw Scratchy Ramp

This two-in-one collapsible ramp functions as a durable scratching post that won’t leave scraps of cardboard or sisal rope scattered all over and also as a convenient pathway for older cats or those that can’t jump up onto the bed or windowsill. Now they can still enjoy a late-night cuddle or some bird watching without stressing their hips or hind legs.

automatic cat feeder random but useful cat things

8. petlibro Automatic Cat Feeder

This machine links to an app on your phone so you can control Morris’s feeding no matter where you are. It’s a real lifesaver for any weekends out of town or dinners that run late so you don’t have to stress over finding a sitter or delaying him his crunchies.

smartykat motion cat toy random but useful cat things

9. smartykat Hot Pursuit Cat Toy

This motorized toy may not look like much but trust us Princess Buttercup will definitely understand the hype. The motor randomly moves the feather toy back and forth around the circle, keeping your cat entertained and active while you simply sit back and enjoy the show.

grooming gloves random but useful cat things

10. Delomo Pet Grooming Gloves

These grooming gloves attract loose hairs with soft silicone grips that won’t irritate sensitive skin and can be used on all sorts of surfaces, like you couch, bed, curtains and, of course, your cat himself.

dyson pet hair vacuum random but useful cat things

11. Dyson Ball Animal 2 Upright Vacuum Cleaner

OK, so a pet hair vacuum is less random and more 100-percent necessary. And this Dyson model is one of the absolute versions we’ve ever tested, plus it’s also currently on sale, so we highly suggest you make the splurge while the discount lasts.

catit wall mount cat brush random but useful cat things

12. Catit Senses 2.0 Self Groomer Cat Brush

Mount this plastic brush on any corner or door frame in your house and watch as it becomes Brownie’s new favorite spot to scratch that itch. Trust us, he’ll love rubbing up against the gentle bristles, and you’ll love how easy it is to clean (just pop the bristle cover from the frame, rinse and pop it right back in).

frisco springs cat toy random but useful cat things

13. Frisco Colorful Springs Cat Toy

We don’t know what it is about these silly little springs, but cats seem to go wild for them, no matter their age or breed. The plastic is super durable so even the most ferocious kitty won’t be able to destroy them, and they skitter and roll in the most unpredictable ways to keep your cat occupied for hours.

catperson serve and store set random but useful cat things
Cat Person

14. Cat Person Serve & Store Set

For the cat who gets half a cat of wet food in the morning and the other half at night, finding a way to keep her food fresh without resorting to cling wrap plastic is key. These machine-washable food covers should do just the trick, and the matching dry food scoop and wet food spoons are just as handy, if not adorable.

temptations hairball control treats random but useful cat things

15. Temptations Hairball Control Cat Treats

Some cats are more prone to hairballs than others, which is no fun for them…or for you. These hairball control treats are some of the absolute highest rated at Amazon and will help your furry friend with digestion and prevent coughing, excess phlegm and icky clean-up situations.



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