Whether you have Irish roots yourself or simply love the beauty of the Emerald Isle, give your baby girl or boy some of that famous luck with one of these magical gender neutral irish baby names.

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1. Kelsey

Means “warrior.” Aka the perfect moniker for your strong-minded little guy or gal.

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2. Quinn

Sophisticated and adorable all at once.

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3. Farren

Let that gorgeous Irish landscape inspire you with this sweet name that means “the land.”

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4. Tate

Short and sweet.

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5. Reagan

Name your prince or princess this name that means “little ruler.”

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6. Cassidy

Means “clever” or “curly-haired,” which is just too cute.

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7. Rory

Traditionally a boy’s name, we also like it for a girl (you know, as in Gilmore).

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8. Devon

A beautiful moniker that means “poet.”

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