13 Super Dapper Irish Names for Boys

Ah, the luck of the Irish. What mom wouldn’t want to pass that along to her son? That’s why we’ve pulled together the cutest of the cute Irish baby names for boys. Take your pick (then keep your choice on the DL with your friends). From Liam to Quinn and Davin and Niall, your little boy will be melting hearts wherever he goes.

Irish Baby Girl Names That Are Totally Darling

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1. Eamon

Eamon (pronounced “aim-on”) translates to “guardian of the riches.” Safe to say, he’ll always protect the people and things that are important to him.

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2. Colm

Colm takes inspiration from Saint Columba, who was known to be a great scholar. (He got most of his ideas while chewing on toys, we’re pretty sure.)

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3. Liam

The Irish form of William, Liam means “strong protector.” Definitely someone you want in your corner.

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4. Quinn

Quinn is a moniker quite common in the Irish countryside. It means “intelligent.”

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5. Art

The Irish baby boy name Art translates to “bear.” Seriously, just watch his reaction if you put him to bed without his lovey.

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6. Dillon

The Irish take on Dylan, this name means “loyal,” “faithful” and “flash of lightning.” (No pressure, baby.)

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7. Ennis

Looking for a name that represents independence? Try Ennis. It means “island” and we’re sure your baby will have no problem being out there, doing his own thing.

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8. Davin

Gavin is an Irish baby name for boys that translates to “little deer.” And it rhymes with Gavin, in case you were wondering.

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9. Niall

“Passionate” and “vehement” describe baby Niall, who is sure to pursue every dream and goal with admirable persistence and conviction.

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10. Reilly

Reilly is a gender-neutral Irish baby name meaning “courageous, valiant,” coming from the traditional Irish last name, O’Raghallaigh.

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11. Conan

Conan means “swift-footed warrior” and, if we had to guess, has an affinity for telling jokes.

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12. Sean

The Irish version of the French Jean and Hebrew John, Sean translates to “God is gracious” and is alternatively spelled Shaun or Shawn.

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13. Rowan

For the baby with a fiery personality (or maybe just a mop of red hair). Rowan literally means “red-haired” and is perfect for a little firecracker.

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