Whether it's the Fourth of July or a random Tuesday at 3 a.m., the sky is lit up by fireworks. But while those pops and sizzles may delight us humans (unless it's a random Tuesday at 3 a.m.), they can be pretty stressful for dogs, whose incredible hearing can make the sounds even more intense. Here are four products to invest in to help your furry friend cope with fireworks.

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thundershirt for dogs

1. ThunderShirt Sport Dog Anxiety Jacket

A Thundershirt is a weighted, vest-like garment that essentially swaddles your dog like a newborn baby and makes them feel safe while you're away (or while there are thunderstorms or fireworks). It comes in seven sizes for dogs from less than seven pounds to over 110. It's recommended by thousands of vets, trainers and pet owners alike, and uses a patented design to apply gentle, constant pressure to calm anxiety, fear and over excitement.

$45 at Amazon

hemp oil for dogs
the anxious pet

2. The Anxious Pet Organic Hemp Oil - 400mg for Dogs

Yep, your pup can benefit from CBD and hemp, too. The Anxious Pet Hemp Oil is a full-spectrum, veterinarian formulated oil that can offer a sense of comfort and ease to both dogs and cats. This 400mg oil is ideal for dogs under 15 pounds, but The Anxious Pet also has a higher-dose formula for larger dogs.

Buy it ($58)

canine comfy dog suit
canine comfy

3. canine comfy dog suit

The Canine Comfy Dog Suit is a vet-approved multifunctional protective dog suit made out of a lightweight breathable athletic wear fabric. Its lightweight breathable moisture wicking fabric won't make your dog warm, but it will make them feel safe and comforted (it's kind of like a baby onesie). It's also available in short-sleeve and vest versions.

Buy it (from $40)


4. Happy Hoodie Ear Compression

We are getting major Jackie O. vibes with this look! Beyond the sartorial statement, Happy Hoodies provide gentle swaddling compression that reduces noise and provides a sense of comfort. It's a cost-effective way to combat the scary noise of fireworks—this pack comes with two different sizes that are machine washable. What fireworks?

$16 at Amazon

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